Cloud mining

What is cloud Mining?

облачный майнингCloud Mining - Mining is cryptocurrency, including BTC (Bitcoin) and LTC (Litecoin), using specialized cloud services. This is a new paradigm that forms groups (mining pools), in order to obtain more income than conventional distributed Mining, through the management of the equipment specified by the contractor. That is, simply put, a certain company buys equipment of mining, and then sells it to end customers, and the storage and maintenance of equipment, payment for electricity, internet connection are borne by the company. This scheme deprives the customer of potential problems like disruptions in the internet and power, problems with setting up and maintaining the equipment in service, increased noise and heat. Some companies charge for their work a commission, which includes charges for electricity and maintenance. But in any case, it is much more profitable for the end user than store the equipment at home. Tk farms and data centers such companies are usually built in areas with cheap electricity and cheap heat abduction. Typically, these companies are engaged in cloud and cloud Bitcoin Mining Mining laytkoinov using ASIC of mining equipment.

Monitoring of the cloud services of mining

In this table are services cloud of mining that we are monitoring. We acquires contracts and ensure that, if the service is paid and when was the last payment.

Cloud mining service: Test: Status: Year profit: Last payment: Review: Rating: 50 Ghs Pays 430% 15.06.2015   9\10 5.7 kHs Waiting 317% 20.06.2015   9\10
Genesis Mining 1018 Ghs Pays 63% 20.06.2015   9\10
Emi Coin 0.02 BTC Pays 516% 21.06.2015 Review 8\10
HashFlare 10 Ghs Pays 113% 21.06.2015 Review 9\10
GigaHash 148 Ghs Pays 132% 21.06.2015 Review 8\10
HashOcean 38 kHs Pays 190% 21.06.2015 Review 8\10
Scryptsy 100 Ghs Pays 386% 21.06.2015   8\10
Mintsy 200 Ghs Pays   18.06.2015   9\10
RDP mine 17 RDP Pays 356% 21.06.2015   8\10
XScrypt 2 MHs Pays 260% 21.06.2015   8\10
BBX mining 35 Ghs Pays 142% 21.06.2015   8\10

Cloud Mining without investments, Free cloud Mining:

Service: The free mining offer: Mining: 100 Ghash/s free for 7 days. BTC (SHA-256)
HashOcean 15 Khash/s free for 30 days Altcoin
RDP mine 1000 DOGE BTC and Altcoins

Comparison Chart of the cloud mining services:

 SHA-256 mining services:

Service: 1 Ghash price: Fee: Payments: Term of the contract: Min/Max contract: Notes:
HashCoins 0.0026-0.00235 BTC $0.0014/Ghash/day Manually 1 year 1000-100000 Ghash/s  
Scryptsy 0.0016-0.0028 BTC No Daily, auto 1 year 100-750000 Ghash/s 0.001 BTC No Weekly, auto 1 year 10-9000 Ghash/s 0.0012 BTC No Weekly, auto 5 years 50-20000 Ghash/s Reinvestment
GigaHash 0.0015 BTC $0.00117/Ghash/day Daily, auto Forever from 10 Ghash/s 0.0018-0.0016 BTC $0.0015/Ghash/day Daily, auto Forever 50-10000 Ghash/s 2.5% discount. Promo code: ovw7UQ
HashFlare 0.0019 BTC $0.001/Ghash/day Daily, auto Forever   5% discount. code: 4AA28F02
BestCloudMine 0.0039-0.00172 BTC No Manually Навсегда 100-75000 Гхш/с 0.0044 BTC 15% Monthly, авто Forever Share depend Fractional purchase ASIC and Mining
BBX mining 0.0022 BTC No Daily, auto 2 years from 1 Ghash/s  

Scam-list (Services that do not pay):

Scam-service: Status: Last payment:
BitcoinCloudServices Does not pay 07.06.2015
HashManiac Does not pay 29.05.2015
EoBot Does not pay 10.05.2015 Does not pay 04.05.2015 Does not pay 04.04.2015
Cointellect Does not pay 18.01.2015
Cloud.Brain Does not pay 30.04.2015
HashProfit Does not pay 20.12.2014
GAW Miners Does not pay  
TeraBox Does not pay 12.03.2015
Mine on Cloud Does not pay 09.01.2015
POW88 Does not pay 10.04.2015
Cryptomine Does not pay  
MinerSource Does not pay  
Coinlight Does not pay  
ZeusHash Does not pay