ICO - the Initial Coins Offering. What it is?

ICO Image 450x200With the development of technology blocking and the popularization of bitcoin, etherium and other crypto currencies in 2017, the new term initial coin offering (abbreviated ICO) literally broke into our life. In the translation of ICO ("aysio" or more correctly "Ico"), this is the primary coin offer or primary coin placement . In order not to be confused with real money, instead of the word "Coins", the rarely used term "Tokens" was used. If we turn to wikipedia, then for the term "Token" there are several meanings. In our case, Token is a sign or symbol used as a substitute for money. 

 If the terms are less clear, then we will consider in more detail the very phenomenon of ICO - from where it came from, what it is used for and what ICO is in simple terms.

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