To recognize the fact of marriage NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics cards

To recognize the fact of marriage NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics cards
With the introduction of various modifications of video card NVIDIA GTX 1070, many users have found impossible to overclock these cards on the memory frequency. Even the slightest increase in memory frequency through the BIOS or utilities such as MSI Afterburner graphics appear on the screen or the screen artifacts became completely black. With the active discussion forums on this issue, it became clear that this problem concerns only those video cards GTX 1070 with installed memory Micron.

The new version of the software to monitor and manage miners: Awesome Miner 2.0

The new version of the software to monitor and manage miners: Awesome Miner 2.0We would like to tell you about a great program for the monitoring and management of mining reegs miners, and ASIC: Awesome Miner 2.0. This program for Windows allows you to manage multiple reegs and monitor their work process. Awesome Miner 2.0 even has an automatic switching function, based on the profitability of a cryptocurrency. The program supports the following miners: cgminer, bfgminer, sgminer, ccMiner, CpuMiner-opt и Claymore's Dual Ethereum miner; It supports all popular algorithms of mining, such as: SHA-256, SHA-3, Scrypt, Scrypt Adaptive N, X11, X13, X15, Nist5, Groestl, NeoScrypt, Lyra2RE, Lyra2REv2, qubit, Quark, WhirlpoolX, Blake 2b, LBRY, Decred and Ethash. The most advanced version of the program is able to manage up to 5000 miners, from a single user interface.

Mining Farm: a new unique cloud mining service

Mining Farm: a new unique cloud mining serviceToday we tell you about a new very interesting project called Mining Ferma. This service allows you to buy a video card (the price in rubles), which will bring you a daily income. Profitability of mining depends on the graphics card models (from 4% to 16% in month). For registration in the project, each user receives a 50 rub. bonus , the most simple card, in turn, is 100r, so without a deposit will not be able to work here, so can be regarded simply as a starter fifty dollars bonus. In addition, Mining Ferma harkterizuetsya things like record a generous 4-level affiliate program (30% + 10% + 5% + 5%) from deposits of your referrals, 20% Deposit Bonus, additional ways of earnings in the near future (5 October) administration of the project promises to launch the possibility of mining on the processor (remember Cointellect), by installing on your computer, special software. In addition, the project site regularly held various actions: a bonus for registration of a debit card, a video contest for Youtube, the reward for rezmeschenie advertising links to VK and Skype. Each month will be a competition for active partners with generous rewards.

HashFlare: reduction of contract prices

HashFlare: reduction of contract pricesAfter Halving Bitcoin block reward for the company HashFlare He promised that will work on the further reduction of prices on mining contracts through the purchase and installation of new, more energy-efficient equipment in their data centers and reduce energy and maintenance costs. Just a few days ago, 29 September, the service HashFlare published news about the upcoming changes in prices for contracts SHA-256 and ETHASH.

New ccMiner 1.8.3-git tpruvot with improved LBRY support

New ccMiner 1.8.3-git tpruvot with improved LBRY supportA small update for the Windows binary, compiled using the latest version of the ccMiner 1.8.3-git tpruvot source (source code), in which there is some improvement in production efficiency algorithm LBRY, through the use of the code of Alexis Provos.

CryptoBit - new cloud mining (high-yield investment program), the heir Xmine

CryptoBit - new cloud mining (high-yield investment program), the heir XmineWe present you the new, recently launched pseudo cloud mining CryptoBit, which apparently is the successor of the project X-mine. CryptoBit has been working for about 4 days, kicked off September 21, 2016 and it is based on the modified engine from the former popular, recently soskamivshegosya project X-mine. Here we will see: the ability to obtain one of the three cryptocurrency choice: Bitcoin, LItecoin or Dogecoin; Competition referrals, very similar to that of the former X-mine, but here the 15 finalists ref-race, which is held every 10 days will receive a fixed reward of 1 BTC at all. The project is available both in Russian and English languages, made and decorated with very high quality and running quickly, without any delay. For registration in the project accrue 1500 DOGE Coin, which immediately converted to the 1 power level. Profitability of the project is from 1.17% to 2% per day depending on your power level.

PosWallet - PoS cloud criptocurrency mining

PosWallet - PoS cloud criptocurrency mining Today we want to introduce you to a quite interesting project - PosWallet. PosWallet - is an online wallet for Proof Of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that compatibility is still PoS service cloud of mining. That is, you will be charged a fee for storage PoS coins on the service balance. Generally, to obtain compensation for any PoS altkoinov, you need to keep those wallets cryptocurrency constantly running and synchronized with BlockChain. PosWallet service allows you to receive compensation for PoS altkoinov large number, without having to install and run their wallets on your computer.

FireBit - a new good cloud mining service

FireBit - a new good cloud mining serviceWith pleasure we want to present you a new service cloud of mining (HYIP) FireBit made at a decent level. It's not often we come across nestolko qualitatively implemented projects, especially in recent times, when almost every day there are projects clones with little change in design and in two or three standard scripts. FireBit project started recently 14 September 2016, and offers every newly registered user bonus 7 MHS (примерно 0.7$). The project has a good yield of 1.2% per day (84 days return).

Sgminer-gm - a new sgminer fork with Ethereum support from Genesis mining

Sgminer-gm - a new sgminer fork with Ethereum support from Genesis miningGenesis miningcompany announced the release sgminer-gm own fork of the popular software for mining cryptocurrency sgminer, which supports the algorithm of mining Dagger-Hashimoto (Ethash).

Baikal Mini Miner ASIC: first impressions

 Baikal Mini Miner ASIC: first impressionsAfter receiving the miners, we had a little test Baikal Mini Miner ASIC within a few days, and are now ready to share with you our first impressions of the device. Firstly, the miner really works well with all six statements of mining algorithms cryptocurrency (X11, X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit). Baikal - is the first, and to our knowledge, the only manufacturer of ASIC miners supporting several of mining algorithms (although in fact from a technical point of view, these algorithms differ slightly, most likely and therefore an opportunity to create a single ASIC chip, which supports all of these algorithms). The device is able to show the promised heshreyt 150 Mhs / sec, while the power consumption device is at a fairly low level. Secondly, due to its low power consumption, the developers managed to achieve a device of compact size and low noise level. From our point of view, the new Baikal Mini Miner ASIC is perfect for the "home of mining cryptocurrency".