Cryptodredge 0.17.0 - support for Cuckaroo29, CuckooCircle, CryptonightGPU, CryptonightTurtle

CryptoDredge multimedia for Nvidia video cards in the latest version 17.0 immediately added 4 new algorithms: Cuckaroo29 (GRIN), CuckooCircle (Aeternity), CryptoNightGPU and CryptonightTurtle. Since The currency of GRIN is of the greatest interest to the miners, so we will immediately inform you that the hash rate offered by this miner on the Cuckaroo29 algorithm is currently lower than that of the competitors Bminer and Gminer. Cryptodredge takes a commission of 1% and is available for Windows and Linux systems. You can download the miner on the Bitcointalk forum.

Bminer 15.0 - support for 8Gb cards on the algorithm Cuckatoo31 (except WIndows 10)

Bminer 15.0 can offer GRIN mining using the Cuckatoo31 algorithm on video cards with 8Gb video memory (GTX1070, RTX2070, RTX2080) previously available only for GTX1080ti and RTX2080ti. Starting mining with 8Gb will only work on Linux and Windows 7, Windows 10 is currently not available due to the use of more video memory. The transition from Cuckaroo29 to Сuckatoo31 is more than justified, because the GTX1070 video card on the Cuckatoo31 algorithm yields a yield of 70% more than on Cuckaroo29. The simplest solution for farm owners on Windows 10 is to switch to HiveOS (up to 3 rigs for free) or MinerBabeOS (1% commission). Download the miner on

BM1397 - new asic chip from Bitmain for SHA-256 algorithm

On February 18, 2019, Bitmain introduced the second generation of its 7nm asic BM1397 chips for the SHA-256 algorithm. Compared with the current generation used in the AntMiner S15 and T15, the energy efficiency of the new product is higher by 28.6% and is 30 J / Th. Now, we recall, Bitmain sells SHA-256 asik miners with energy efficiency 57 J / TH. Currently, the technical characteristics of the future Antminer S17 and T17 are unknown, but it is not difficult to assume that the hashrate will be 36 Th / s and 29 TH / s, respectively, with the same power consumption. More details about the announcement can be found on the official site Bitmain.

Gminer 1.32 - increased hashrate for Cuckaroo29 and AMD support for Beam

In the current version 1.32, Gminer slightly increased mining performance using the Cuckaroo29 (GRIN) algorithm, delivering 0.1-0.2Gps more than its competitor Bminer. Also added is the possibility of mining BEAM on AMD video cards (Equihash 150/5 algorithm). Gminer is a closed miner with a commission of 2%, which can be downloaded from the official Bitcointalk forum.


The UK cryptocurrency exchange began to accept deposits in euros, pounds, dollars and rubles.

The UK cryptocurrency exchange began to accept deposits in euros, pounds, dollars and (Digital Securities Exchange Limited) is the largest cryptocurrency exchange operating under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom with an office in London and regulated by the Association for the Control of the Financial Institutions of the United Kingdom (FCA). DSX as well as Binance recently began to offer the possibility of depositing and withdrawing various fiat currencies (dollars, pounds, rubles) using Swift transfers, bank cards and epayments service.

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Hardfork Ethereum Constantinople and Petersburg at the end of February 2019

Хардфорк Ethereum Constantinople и Petersburg в конце февраля 2019

The canceled hardfork of the Constantinople network Ethereum in mid-January 2019 received a new implementation date of February 27-28 at the 7.280.000 block, which is 200.000 more blocks from previous plans. The main innovation in this hardformer for miners is to reduce the reward for the block from 3 to 2 ETH, but this also removes the complexity bomb, which was originally incorporated into the program code and automatically activated due to the delay the hardfork.

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Choosing a graphics card for mining cryptocurrency in 2019

Choosing a graphics card for mining cryptocurrency in 2019We continue our annual analysis on the market of video cards and their use in mining cryptocurrency for 2019. Compared with the previous analysis at the beginning of 2018, the cryptocurrency market has undergone strong changes associated primarily with a decline in cryptocurrency prices to 90% from last year’s values. Against this negative background, specialized ASIC and FPGA devices form an increasing competition in the mining of cryptocurrency to video cards, which further worsens the situation for the owners of mining farms on video cards. The release of a new generation of Nvidia video cards at the end of 2018 had virtually no effect on the alignment in choosing the best video card for mining. we did not see a sharp decline in prices for video cards of the last generation of the GTX10xx series, moreover prices for video cards continue to remain higher than they were before the mining boom in 2017-2018. Despite this, the mining on video cards in 2019 continues to be relevant, but already at the expense of the used video cards market and new asicresistant mining algorithms.

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Bminer 14.2.0 - 0.9GPS cuckatoo31 (GRIN) hashrate on the GTX1080ti video card

In the latest version of Bminer 14.2, developers have added support for the Cuckatoo31 algorithm for the Nvidia GTX1080ti and RTX2080ti video cards in an experimental mode that requires at least 11Gb of video memory. Start mining GRIN on this algorithm is now obtained only under Linux OS. At the same time, the hashrate of video cards is significantly higher than that of the Gminer competitors, 0.9Gps instead of 0.6GPS. But Gminer in version 1.31 allows you to run mining on the Cuckatoo31 algorithm already with 8Gb of video memory. Download the latest version of bminer on the website.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 7 - hashrate 90MH/s based on Ethash algorithm (Dagger-Hashimoto)

On February 7, 2019, AMD's hi-end video card, called the Radeon RX Vega 7, built on the trimmed GPU Vega 20 from the Radeon Instinct, went on sale. The GCN architecture of this GPU is 5 generations left, as in the previous Vega 64, so you should not expect any serious performance growth, which cannot be said about the memory subsystem, since in addition to its increase from 8Gb to 16Gb, AMD also more than doubled its memory bandwidth, which primarily affected the performance of this video card in mining with memory dependent algorithms (Ethash).

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Gminer 1.30 - plus 5-7% performance on the algorithm Cuckaroo29 (GRIN)

As usual with the emergence of new mining algorithms, the creators of various miners begin to intensively optimize their software to improve the performance of video cards in mining and at the same time luring most of the miners from their competitors to their side. With the advent of the GRIN cryptocurrency on the Cuckaroo algorithm, several developers were involved in the race for miners: Bminer, Gminer, NBminer, Lolminer and others. The last word in this confrontation was said by the Gminer developers with version 1.30, offering an increased hashrate of 5-7%, compared with the previous version, when mining GRIN on Nvidia video cards. Download the latest version of Gminer on the Bitcointalk forum. - became available purchase Bitcoin via Visa and Mastercard


Buying cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is still quite a dangerous, due to the large number of fraudsters, therefore, to exchange yuan, dollars or euros for cryptocurrency, looking first for a reliable exchanger, and then look at the exchange rate. Many popular exchangers, who have already managed to make a name for themselves, use this state of affairs and carry out exchange operations with a significant margin, sometimes reaching 10-20% of the market price of cryptocurrency. To reduce the costs of such operations, crypto enthusiasts use cryptocurrency exchanges with the possibility of entering or withdrawing fiat money. Recently, the service of buying Bitcoin using Visa bank cards, MasterCard began to provide the largest cryptoexchange

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