TON Teleport BTC - bridge between TON and Bitcoin blockchains

bridge Bitcoin TON JBTCThe Open Network (TON) team announced the emergence of a bridge between the Bitcoin blockchain and TON, with which it will be possible to trade BTC within the TON blockchain infrastructure, using DEX exchanges STONFI, STORM and others. Because The Bitcoin and TON blockchains are not compatible, so it will not be possible to trade BTC directly; instead of BTC there will be a token (Jetton) or a token called JBTC, similar to what happened with USDT (What is jUSDT) until the Tether company officially released its stablecoin on the TON network.

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We are participating in the Plume Network testnet and waiting for the Airdrop

Plume Network is the first modular Layer2 that aims to deploy RWA projects and effectively onboard institutional capital. The project has already attracted more than $10 million in investments from Galaxy, Haun Ventures and other funds. The day before yesterday, Plume Network announced the launch of a testnet and opening access to everyone who wants to test the network. To participate in the testnet, we will have to be active every day and farm points (miles), for which there will be an Airdrop in the future. Read on for detailed steps on how to participate in the testnet.

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The last 7th era in Grass has started

Farming of Grass points is approaching its final stage. The project team has launched the 7th era, which will be the last in Closed Beta and will last until mid-August. If you have not yet started farming Grass, then all the necessary information can be found here. At the moment, it is not known whether TGE and Drop will start immediately after the end of the 7th era, but it is clear that they will strictly shave the “sybils” (Those who practice multi-accounting). Join Grass farming for anti-FOMO.

Withdrawals will be improved in Notcoin 2.0

The Notcoin team is finishing testing the update, which will finalize the withdrawal of funds. Those who have previously requested a withdrawal must receive their NOTs by Friday, July 19th. The withdrawal fee will be reduced by 3 times, and in addition, it will also be possible to withdraw earnings from pools. The developers will continue to work on their application so that users can make instant withdrawals. Participate in Notcoin 2.0 if you missed the first stage and earn money on pools.

Airdrop checker for DOGEM memecoin on Scroll

For those who are farming the future retrodrop from the L2 Scroll network, check your wallets for the DOGEM memcoin airdrop. Anyone with 200 Scroll Marks or more should be Eligible. They are giving away 8 million DOGEM tokens, unfortunately no one knows the future price of the token yet. But if you look at similar memcoins in other L2 networks, then in the end they can pour $10-50 per account. According to information from the project developers, TGE, Airdrop, launch of staking and listing on SyncSwap are scheduled for July 19. And on July 24, listing will take place on centralized exchanges. 55% of the total number of tokens is allocated for Airdrop.

You can check the wallet on Eligible here: Just enter your wallet address without connecting it.

Fragment now has a cheap way to buy Telegram Star

On the Fragment trading platform, it became possible to purchase “Stars” for Telegram at about 30% cheaper than directly from Telegram. For example, if you buy 2500⭐ directly in Telegram, it will cost you $51, and if you buy on Fragment, then only $37. This way you can save a lot of money if you need to purchase “Stars” for a Telegram. Now you can purchase levels for Notcoin 2.0 much cheaper and receive many more NOT tokens for activities in the project.

New version of OneZeroMiner 1.3.6

A new version of the OneZeroMiner miner has been released up to version 1.3.6. The new version has improved the efficiency of mining using the xelishashv2 algorithm, also added an alias xelishashv2 for this algorithm and added the --xelis-solo parameter for solo mining using this algorithm.

You can download the new version of OneZeroMiner 1.3.6 on the website or from the developer’s GitHub.

Updated SRBMiner-MULTI v2.5.9

A new version of SRBMiner-MULTI v2.5.9 has been released, the main innovation is support for AVX512 instructions for processors when mining using the xelishashv2 algorithm. You can download the new version of the miner on the website or from the developers’ GitHub.

New ASIC announced for Alephium Goldshell AL BOX II

Goldshell has announced a new ASIC AL BOX II for the Blake3 algorithm, which is used to mine the Alephium (ALPH) coin. The hashrate was increased by 2 times compared to its predecessor in the form of Goldshell AL BOX. The main characteristics of the new product: hashrate 720 Gh/s, consumption 360 Watt, noise level 35 dB, dimensions 198*150*95mm, weight 2.3 kg.

Tired of tapping - shake! Earn a PLACE token from the TON.Place social network

ton place airdropThe Ton.Place social network, operating since 2022, decided to release its PLACE token and invites everyone to participate in its mining using a smartphone, as could be done with C NOTCOIN or Humster Kombat. Using the PLACE token, it will be possible to pay for subscriptions to paid content or open paid messages, which in fact is the main distinguishing feature compared to other traditional social networks. It can also be sold or bought on crypto exchanges. The main distinguishing feature of receiving free PLACE tokens is that you don’t have to poke your finger at the screen (tap), but you need to rub your phone to get the PLACE cryptocurrency.

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ElphaPex DG Home 1 - Dogecoin ASIC miner for home

asic scrypt elphapex dg home 1

Elphapex is a young company, although it has already released a fairly successful ASIC miner DG1 for the Scrypt algorithm for mining Litecoin and Dogecoin cryptocurrencies. Now, based on the same ASIC chips, the company has presented a home version of this ASIC called DG Home 1. A distinctive feature of the home version is its stylish design and quiet operation, for which DG Home 1 uses water cooling. The efficiency of a home ASIC is the same as that of its older brother at 0.31 J/MH, but the ASIC’s power has been reduced by almost 6 times to 2000MH, instead of 11000MH for the DG1.

The company promises to begin the first deliveries of the new product in the 4th quarter of 2024. The cost is not yet known at this time. You can follow the start of sales on the official website of the company