PayPal has stirred up the crypto market

paypal bitcoin ethereum bitcoin cash litecoin купитьThe world famous PayPal payment system with over 346 million users has added the ability to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin for US residents. At the beginning of 2021, such an opportunity will appear for other countries. Those. in the short term, all 346 million PayPal users will be able to purchase cryptocurrency as easily as possible using the service they trust. On these news on the crypto market, you can see the revival of trade and the rise in the value of all major crypto assets. Over the past 3 days, Bitcoin has increased in price from 11.500 USD to 12.900 USD (+ 12%), at its peak the price reached 13.200 USD. PayPal to work with cryptocurrencies will cooperate with the Paxos cryptoexchange, for which it has already received a license to work with BitLicense. The recognition of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by such a large company as PayPal is certainly a very positive moment for the entire cryptoindustry, but there are several unpleasant moments in this whole story.

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Selection of the optimal voltage, frequencies memory and GPU of AMD Polaris (RX480, RX580) video cards for Ethereum mining

amd polaris rx480 nitro+ mining hashrateVideo cards Radeon RX470, RX480, RX570, RX580, RX590 continue to be in high demand among miners, despite the fact that the first models appeared on sale in mid-2016. And all thanks to its unique capabilities in mining Ethereum cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrencies with the Dagger Hashimoto (ETHash) mining algorithm combined with a favorable price. The entire line of AMD video cards with GPU Polaris 10, Polaris 20, Polaris 30, regardless of the type of memory based on the Ethash algorithm, shows a performance of 30-34Mh/s with a power consumption of 100-130W, depending on the settings of the video cards. At the same time, by default "out of the box" the buyer will be able to receive only 24-25Mh/s, ie. with the help of simple manipulations, you can improve the performance of video cards in Ethereum mining by 40%.




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TeamRedminer 0.7.14 - Ethereum mining is available on 4Gb video cards up to epoch 400, but with a decrease in performance

rx 580 4gb mining ethash 2021Updated to version 0.7.14 TeamRedMiner, in addition to optimizing work for all supported mining algorithms, can also offer the possibility of mining Ethereum cryptocurrency on video cards with 4Gb video memory beyond the 382 epoch - those up to epoch 400 and beyond. But with one big drawback - a drop in the hash rate on such video cards with each new era. If for the 382 epoch the drop is only 1.6%, then for the 400 epoch it will already be an impressive 78.8%. Until the 382 era, without a plethora of mining hashrates, it is possible only on Linux and with the following AMD drivers: 18.50, 19.30, 19.50, 20.10. For Windows, the last era without losing hashrate will be the 374 epoch. To enable this feature, TeamRedMiner has a new command "--eth_alloc_epoch = 381", i.e. starting from the 381 epoch, the miner will work according to a new algorithm with support for 4Gb video cards for epochs above 381.

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Lolminer 1.09 - added new options for mining Ethereum on 4GB video cards before 382 era

lolminer ether mining on 4 gb video cardsThe latest versions of Lolminer 1.08 and 1.09 support the new -keepfree and -dagdelay commands, which will allow Ethereum cryptocurrency mining video cards with 4Gb video memory up to era 382 or mid-December 2020. ETH mining on RX 570 4Gb, RX 580 4Gb, GTX 1050 Ti 4Gb video cards until the 382 era is guaranteed only for Linux operating systems: HiveOS, RaveOS. For Windows 10 and Windows 7, the operating time in mining will be less, because the operating system itself takes up more video memory than Linux. With the help of the Keepfree command, you can try to free more memory and find the best way to work the mining rig. The default keepfree values ​​are 5 for Linux and 150 for Windows. Dagdelay is set in seconds and is intended for mining rigs with a small amount of RAM or page file. You can download the latest version of Lolminer on GitHub.

Testing in the mining of the EVGA Geforce RTX 3090 XC3 video card

evga rtx 3090 mining hasharte ethash grin beamThe presentation of the new generation of Ampere video cards from Nvidia left an indelible impression on the minds of miners and gamers, especially a threefold increase in the speed of floating point calculations (FP32). If the previous flagship RTX line of video cards - RTX 2080ti coped with this task at a speed of 13.448GFLOPS, then the current leader RTX 3090 in this discipline already has 35.581 GFLOPS. That should definitely affect the performance of the RTX 3090 in GPU-dependent mining algorithms. It will be really interesting to check, considering that in the Ampere generation, the structure of the Cuda core has been significantly changed compared to the previous generation of Turing video cards. And such an opportunity appeared only with the advent of new versions of miners: WildRig Multi, Gminer and T-REX, which support the mining of cryptocurrencies using algorithms BeamHash3, Cuckatoo32, MTP, Equihash, KawPow.

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WildRig Multi 0.23.7 - added support for RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 video cards with GDDR6x memory

rtx3080 kawpow hashrateAs you know, in the top-end video cards of the Amper RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 generation, Nvidia has used a new type of GDDR6x video memory, which has not been used anywhere else. Because of this, mining of popular cryptocurrencies on these video cards (except for Ethereum (Ethash) and Vertcoin (Lyra2Rev3) was not available. The first miner optimized for Nvidia RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 video cards was WildRig Multi 0.23.7, only from the whole set of available algorithms , optimization for GDDR6x was received only by the KawPow cryptocurrency Ravencoin. Considering the increased interest in new video cards from Nvidia, the first tests of the RTX 3080 video card in KawPow mining did not take long: 47Mh/s and 270W. This result was achieved by increasing the memory frequency by 1600Mhz and Reducing Power Limit to 270W (HiveOs) You can already calculate the profitability of mining Ravencoin on an RTX 3080 video card on the website.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 - the hashrate of the video card in Ethereum mining became known

nvidia geforce rtx 3090 miningThe Geforce RTX 3090 is the flagship of Nvidia's new line of graphics cards with a suggested price of $ 1,499, which is more than double the price of the Geforce RTX 3080, which has already shown impressive results in mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency. On the very first day after the start of sales of the RTX 3090, the first tests of this video card on the Ethash mining algorithm appeared. In stock the RTX 3090 delivers 106Mh/s with a power consumption of 350W, which is 24% better than the RTX 3080 in stock. Considering that some samples of RTX 3080 video cards can get 110 MH/s, then the ceiling of the RTX 3090 will be 136Mh/s. At the moment, the maximum known Ethash hash result for the RTX 3090 video card is 122 MH/s and 350W at unknown GPU, memory and Power Limit frequencies.

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GoldShell HS3 - new Asiс miner for Handshake cryptocurrency (HNS)

asic handshake goldshell hs3 GoldShell has released a new version of the ASIC miner called HS3 for the Handshake algorithm and the Handshake cryptocurrency of the same name. Compared to the previous version HS1 and HS1 PLUS, the novelty has slightly improved energy efficiency (1W/GH instead of 1.1W/GH), as well as a body in a more familiar design, since the first models HS1 and HS1 PLUS were small-sized and designed for power consumption in 57W and 115W respectively. The HS3 is made in a case in the style of the latest Bitmain models and already consumes 2000W with a hashrate of 2000GH/s. The cost of Goldshell HS3 is 4999USD, making it one of the most expensive mining devices at the moment. The payback according to the calculator, even taking into account the considerable cost, will be from 180 days, depending on the cost of electricity.

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange for trading bitcoin futures

bitcoin futures options birzh choice for tradingTrading in futures for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or tokens is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world and the growth in the turnover of trading in various cryptocurrency derivatives is growing by 200% - 300% almost every month. This is primarily due to the entry into this market of classic cryptocurrency exchanges, which previously offered only spot trading (trading the asset itself, and not its derivatives), which is why the cryptocurrency derivatives market (including futures) became available not only to professional traders, using platforms CME, CBOE, BAKKT, but also simple cryptocurrency enthusiasts, miners and investors with a minimum entry threshold. Against the background of user interest in cryptocurrency derivatives, almost all cryptocurrency exchanges began to implement the necessary functionality for trading bitcoin futures and other derivatives, which again can significantly complicate the choice of a trading platform for beginners and experienced traders. Next, we will look at 14 different cryptocurrency exchanges with support for derivatives, compare them in terms of trading volume, types of futures, the number of pairs traded, margin and commissions. This will allow you to choose a trading platform much faster to suit your requirements.

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yobit virtual miningYou may have a different attitude towards cryptocurrencies, but you can definitely say it for sure: today it is impossible to deny that this investment method can increase your capital several times over. There are many ways to make money from cryptocurrencies: trade, invest in crypto projects, mining. And if the first two tools have a lot of risks, then mining is considered the most reasonable way to increase the money invested and feel calm, since most investments of this type pay off in about six months, and more often even less.
Virtual mining is a way of making money, which does not mean creating your own farm to mine cryptocurrencies, but rather renting computing power from data centers. This makes it possible to mine cryptocurrencies for people who do not have the opportunity to acquire their own farm or technical knowledge to assemble the equipment and configure the software themselves.
The purpose of this article is to show you, using the example of a cloud mining system from the largest crypto exchange in the CIS, the YoBit platform, what the best service for investing in cryptocurrencies, Vmining , should look like.

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Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 - the first test in mining on the DaggerHashimoto (ETHash) algorithm

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 FE mining nest ethereumOn the well-known resource, the first results appeared in the mining of a new generation Nvidia video card - Geforce RTX 3080. But so far only on one algorithm: Ethash or DaggerHashimoto, with which the Ethereum cryptocurrency is now being mined. The tests were carried out using the NiceHash Benchmark program, as well as more detailed tests with changing frequencies and PL on the Ethereum Claymore Dual Miner.

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