How to check your Metamask wallet for Airdrops

ethereum metamask airdropMetamask Wallet is one of the most popular WEB3 wallets for Ethereum cryptocurrency, which recently introduced an automatic feature to check your wallet for receiving free cryptocurrencies, also known as Airdrops. Free distribution of various tokens is one of the most effective methods of promoting a new crypto project and currently enjoys great popularity. If you are an active Metamask wallet user, you can literally find out about available Airdrops with just one click.

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Canaan Avalon Nano 3 - Desktop Bitcoin ASIC Miner

asic bitcoin avalon nano 3Canaan, the company, has decided to support the trend of ASICs for residential spaces (apartments, houses) and has released its own solution called the Avalon Nano 3. Unlike its competitors, the Nano 3 is a SHA-256 ASIC, meaning it mines Bitcoin directly. As befits a home ASIC device, the Nano 3 has an attractive appearance, a display for information, and simple setup, which involves downloading an application and scanning a QR code. After these two simple steps, the ASIC will start working and mining the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for its owner.

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BWB Airdrop from WEB3 wallet of the BitGet exchange

Bitget Wallet is the official WEB3 wallet from the popular BitGet exchange (top 12 according to CoinMarketCap, top 10 according to CoinGecko). In honor of the launch of its WEB3 wallet, BitGet is conducting an Airdrop of BWB tokens for new users who will install the wallet and create a new account or import their existing wallet there. From March 18 to April 28, any new user will be able to download and install the BitgetWallet using a special link or using the code: BLnsw8 and receive at least 50 BWB to their balance. In addition, you can also earn additional points for swapping in the Bitget Wallet or storing assets. In the second quarter of 2024, all points earned will be converted into BWB tokens, and the BWB token will be launched through an IEO. Let's take a closer look at how to easily and hassle-free get 50 BWB or even more.

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Goldshell AL-BOX: The First ASIC for Alephium Cryptocurrency

ASIC for Blake3 algorithm Alephium cryptocurrency

Goldshell has announced the world's first ASIC miner for the Alephium cryptocurrency (Blake3 mining algorithm), named Goldshell AL-BOX. Compared to even the most powerful GPU, the RTX 4090, AL-BOX boasts unparalleled specifications: 360GH/s and 180W power consumption. For reference, the RTX 4090 has a hash rate of only 6GH/s and consumes 350W. Thus, in terms of energy efficiency, the ASIC for the Blake3 algorithm surpasses the most advanced GPU by a factor of 116.

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Jasminer X44 ASIC Miner You'll Want to Buy

jasminer x44 asic ethashOn April 2, 2024, Jasminer announced a new generation of their ASIC miners for the Ethash algorithm - the Jasminer X44-Q and X44-P, which didn't just improve; they significantly surpassed all known offerings in the market. The main distinguishing feature of these newcomers is their energy efficiency, which is 2.5-3 times better than the previous model, the Jasminer X16, or any other competing product.

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Ethena (ENA) Launchpool on Bybit

launchpool bybit ethenaNot long ago, we talked about how Launchpool works on the Binance exchange and its advantages in terms of earning a secure income from owning BNB and FDUSD cryptocurrencies. Today, on April 2, 2024, another Launchpool on the Binance exchange has ended, where all participants were given the Ethena token (ticker ENA), which can soon be sold on the spot market, but there's another option. Specifically, you can transfer it to the Bybit exchange and invest the received ENA tokens in the Launchpool on Bybit, where you can earn even more ENA with a yield of 500% per annum for your invested ENA tokens.

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Selling Notcoin

sell notcoin costOn April 1, 2024, the mining of the cryptocurrency Notcoin ended, in which anyone could participate simply by having any smartphone with the Telegram messenger installed. Thanks to this, more than 35 million people around the world became miners, and the Notcoin project itself gained tremendous popularity, comparable to the most well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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IceRiver KAS KS5L - a new ASIC for Kaspa

ASIC kheavyhash Kaspa Iceriver KAs KS5LOn March 31, 2024, IceRiver company begins sales of its new ASIC miner for the cryptocurrency Kaspa under the name KAS KS5L. Compared to the previous generation IceRiver KS3M, the novelty turned out to be twice as energy efficient. However, even with such characteristics, IceRiver still lags behind Bitmain's products, whose flagship ASIC Antminer KS5 Pro is twice as energy efficient, but the cost of KS5 PRO is almost 3 times higher than that of KAS KS5L, making the choice not so straightforward anymore.

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Bitmain Antminer S21 PRO is the most energy-efficient ASIC for Bitcoin mining

bitmain antminer s21 PROThe company Bitmain has introduced a new model for the SHA-256 algorithm (Bitcoin) under the designation Antminer S21 PRO. Compared to last year's Antminer S21 model, with almost the same power consumption of 3500W, the S21 PRO boasts a hash rate of 234Th/s, instead of 200TH/s. Such results were achieved by improving energy efficiency from 17.5J/TH to 15J/TH.

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Quiet ASICs for Home Use

quiet ASIC for home ipollo g1

In cryptocurrency mining, home ASIC mining is gaining increasing popularity due to the emergence of various ASIC models specifically designed for home use. The main distinctive feature of home ASICs is the moderate noise during operation, which is comparable to the noise from a regular home computer. A standard ASIC miner designed for use in data centers (mining hotels) emits noise of over 75dB, meaning you have to shout to be heard by someone if such a cryptocurrency mining device is working nearby. Even if you don't live in a space where the noise from several industrial ASIC miners is present, complaints about noise from neighbors are almost guaranteed, especially considering that cryptocurrency mining is now widely known from infants to the elderly.

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Cloud Mining on Kaspa

Mining kaspa on the xt exchange

Kaspa cryptocurrency continues to remain the most profitable cryptocurrency for ASIC mining in 2024, despite the emergence of newer and more advanced devices for its extraction. Unfortunately, the entry threshold for mining the Kaspa cryptocurrency is quite high. For instance, the latest generation ASIC miner, Bitmain KS5 PRO, costs around $30,000, which is not affordable for the majority of miners. There are, of course, more affordable options from Goldshell - such as the KA-BOX priced at $1,800 with a hashrate of 1.18 TH/s, which is still not the most budget-friendly option.

Instead of purchasing a physical device, one can consider perpetual cloud mining contracts for the Kaspa cryptocurrency from the exchange, where the entry threshold for mining starts from $68 for 0.1 TH/s. This not only removes the need for maintaining your own equipment but also proves to be significantly cheaper.

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