Genesis Mining with lower prices on cloud mining

Genesis Mining with lower prices on cloud miningEarlier this year Genesis Mining already reduced prices on cloud mining hashrate. And Genesis Mining again decided to slightly reduce the price of Bitcoin Mining cloud and it happened without any advertising statements by the company. We found it yesterday, though not completely sure at what point this happened.

 New price on cloud mining from Genesis-Mining:

Hashrate Contract price $: Price for 1 Ghash/s $:
50 Ghash/s $22.49 0.45$
1000 Ghash/s $419 0.42$
15000 Ghash/s $5850 0.39$

New prices around 8-13% lower than the previous, with the value of the service fee and electricity remained unchanged at $ 0.00015 per 1 Ghash/s per day.

Of course these prices is not the lowest in the industry of mining of the cloud, but with Genesis-Mining, which has been operating for more than two years, you can be sure that investing your money in a reliable company that promises fabulous interest, some disguised as cloud services of mining hYIPs. Recall that when you buy in hashrate Genessis Mining you can use our promo code "ovw7UQ" for obtain 2.5% discount.


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