Bitcoin cloud mining services that we now use

Сервисы облачного майнинга биткоин которые мы сейчас используемThe popularity of using cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues to grow, however, becoming increasingly difficult to mine Bitcoin at home because of the huge mayningovyh data centers located around the world. In addition, producers becoming increasingly difficult to create ASIC devices for residential use because of the high noise level and heat dissipation device with a large capacity, since the industry is not standing still and that is normal to make a mining required more rapid, sophisticated, warm and noisy devices. In this regard, the recent equipment manufacturers are less oriented to home users, preferring to sell ASIC miners mayningovym large companies or form their own data centers for sales & nbsp; heshreyta cloud to its clients.

 Some companies, for some reason, even declared bankruptcy. Of the major manufacturers that are still supplying equipment home Miner was only company BitMain. This fact is forcing miners to move to mining using cloud services, however, like any other investment, it involves some risks. When you use the cloud services of mining, there are two basic criteria of risk:

  1. Scam of cloud mining service. It's no secret that some of the cloud services of mining, are all just ordinary HYIP or Ponzi scheme. These sites usually do not work and pay as soon as the amount of new investments from clients no longer cover the cost of payments. In addition, there are also very short-lived HYIP (SCAM) under the legend "Cloud Mining", which was originally intended to collect a certain amount of money and stop paying. Such companies usually do not live, and one circle. Basically, before you determine that it is HYIP can be very tempting for payment, low prices and the lack of power charges for energy and maintenance. However, it should be understood that not all HYIPs are the same, many of them allow you to receive profit for a few laps, with several opportunities est discourage investment.
  2. Low rate and the high difficulty of the network Bitcoin. Even the real cloud services of mining, which are secured by real equipment can be shut down. And the reason for this possible increase in depreciation and complexity of the network Bitcoin to such a state that profitnye equipment will not be able to block a fee for maintenance and energy. This can happen in case of further devaluation of Bitcoin, the further growth of the complexity of the network or the obsolescence of equipment companies with low energy efficiency. The only good news the fact that the future is very possible serious growth Bitcoin, and the electricity in the data center is much cheaper electricity in the apartment, so the first to be shut off your device domestic miners.

Which cloud services of mining, we use a long time:

  1. Well, first of all, of course, service Genesis-Mining. In our opinion, it is currently the most proven and the world's largest service industry in the cloud maynniga, but it does not promise a fabulous income. We are working with the company for about a year. Genesis-Mining trying to be open to their customers. On the positive side of the company include daily automatic payment, transparency, multiple ways to purchase heshreyta. We remind you that you can get a discount of 2.5% on heshreyta if you enter the promotional code "ovw7UQ".genesis-mining logo
  2. Bitcoin Cloud Services - it is also the oldest, but a cloud of mining anonymous service that we have been working for about a year, too, and that appeared about the same time with the company Genesis-Mining. Not so long ago the company changed its original proposal (contracts for 5 years) for annual contracts, but at the moment you can buy shares of 2-year contract for 1 year. The positive aspects of daily payments are on the machine, low prices heshreyt (for srvneniyu with Genesis-mining) and anonymity (some clients).Bitcoin cloud mining services that we now use
  3. ScryptCC - this service is already significantly more than a year, if we are not mistaken, he has been working for 15-16 months and regularly pays its customers. We use it a little less than a year and is not any serious problems with them does not arise. Unlike the first two, the service sells heshreyt algorithm of mining Scrypt, that the name implies. Profitnye service is quite high, investment is completely compensated for 3-3.5 months. We already during the work with the service to bring the profit of a few times the size of our deposit. Also distinctive "chip" is the internal service market power, which can be used at any time to sell the purchased heshreyt at the current rate.scryptcc
  4. Cloudminr - this service, too, about a year, we had worked for about 6 months. Cloudminr very similar to the second in our list service - Bitcoin Cloud Services, however, offers weekly payments. A distinctive feature of the service can be considered part of the discount 25-33% and very easy to use and convenient personal cabinet.cloudminr


Which cloud services of mining, we use recently:

  1. GigaHash - a small cloud of mining new service, which was launched as a private investment project in the cloud industry of mining, but later opened to the public. At the moment, the service has already sold all the available mining equipment and has opened pre-order the following equipment delivery. In the coming days they will arrive new devices, and the site will be able to re-purchase.gigahash
  2. HashFlare - Another new service cloud of mining, which is owned by the hardware manufacturer HashCoins. Currently the company is working flawlessly and pays consistently.hashflare
  3. Mintsy - This is another new service from the owners of the largest exchange cryptocurrency Cryptsy. At the moment, the service is in public beta, but now you can buy contracts for cloud Bitcoin mining for the period from 2 to 6 months, and the exact same rent or lease its rigs for various alternatives of mining algorithms, such as the X-11 , Scrypt and others. An important feature of the service is the ability to connect the leased equipment not only to pools of service, but also to any other third-party pools.mintsy
  4. Mining Sweden - She has a new company at this price with ambitious plans and promises to share part of its profits with customers. Service sells "shares" and "VIP event" of the company, which give you not only the cloud heshreyt, but a percentage of the total profits of the service. In addition, Mining Sweden offers the ability to install the purchased BitMain AntMiner S5 in their own data centers. To receive the discount of 10% on the purchase of shares, enter promo code "MS10".mining-sweden

In addition to the services described above, we test and monitor, and other companies and services, as well as with HYIPs investing in cryptocurrency. To see a complete list of services we work with, go to our website "Cloud mining" or "BTC Hypes".

The profitability of mining services cloud for June 2015:

Service: Cost 100 Ghs/s: Profitability 100 Ghs/s day: Payback of the contract:
Genesis-Mining 0.1914 BTC 0.00034 BTC 562 days
Bitcoin Cloud Services 0.16 BTC 0.00105 BTC 152 days
Cloudminr 0.1884 BTC 0.00095 BTC 198 days
GigaHash 0.155 BTC 0.0006 BTC 258 days
HashFlare 0.1957 BTC 0.00104 BTC 188 days
Scryptsy 0.1 BTC 0.00105 BTC 95 days
Mining Sweden 0.29 BTC 0.00105 BTC 276 days
ZeusHash 0.1558 BTC 0.001 BTC 156 days
HashNest 0.147 BTC 0.00091 BTC 161 days
Cloudmining Website 0.12 BTC 0.00105 BTC 114 days

*- All data relevant for 02/06/2015

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