RDPmine: that mine?

RDPmine: that mineAs you can see, the service allows Mein RDPmine not just Bitcoin, but also 7 different popular altkoinov such as: LTC, DOGE, DASH, Paycoin, Monero, PPC, NMC. However, not all of you may know that different forks bring different yields. We decided to experiment and find out what is most advantageous to mining RDPmine?

 So, all the tests we carried out with such conditions:

  • Power cloud 80 RDP.
  • Testing time yield a Fork: 12 hours.

Test results:

Cryptocurrency:Yield 12 hours at $:
Bitcoin 0.4418$
Namecoin 0.8288$
Peercoin 0.7594$
Litecoin 0.4874$
Dogecoin 0.406$
Dash 0.386$
Monero 0.42$


As a result, the results of this experiment, it is most advantageous to RDPmine engaged in mining NMC (Namecoin). Mining profit Namecoin almost two times higher than the extraction of BTC, using service RDP mine.

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