Event Horizon Project: How to Get a Secret NFT

We already wrote about the promising and promising project EVENT HORIZON - a future cryptocurrency DEX exchange without KYC, which will be built on its own L2 blockchain, will have a convenient interface and the ability to trade futures, and all this in a convenient mobile application directly on your smartphone. They also promise trading without switching networks, gas fees and endless transaction confirmations, which solves almost all the problems of modern DEX solutions. Event Horizon have developed a hybrid model for trading directly from a decentralized WEB3 wallet TrustWallet or MetaMask in one transaction with a list of off-chain orders, on-chain settlements and storage of your assets in your non-custodial Web3 wallet for maximum security of your capital. Support for copy trading functionality is also promised.

The project is currently at an early stage of development and we have already told you how to participate in the first season of the upcoming Airdrop from the project. This will not take much time, just complete a few social tasks and mint 2 or 3 NFTs. The first two NFTs will be available to everyone, and the last one, called “Community”, will only be available to those who can invite 20 friends. Also, the number of friends (max. 20) will provide an additional multiplier for Airdrop.

Today we will tell you how to get the 4th, secret NFT called “Introducing Event Horizon”. To do this, you just need to go to the article with the roadmap and description of the project, and mint the NFT in the left column at the very bottom of this article. Before this, we recommend that you complete the steps to participate in the first season of the Airdrop, which we talked about earlier. Receiving a secret NFT is absolutely free, you will only need to pay a fee of 0.00069 ETH on the Optimism network. How to exchange Ethereum from the main network to the Optimism network also read in this article.