Hamster Kombat: secret code for June 22, 2024

hamster code for June 22

The new secret cipher in Morse code for June 22, 2024 to receive a bonus of 1,000,000 points consists of 4 characters, which makes typing this cipher quite simple.

Secret code 06/22/24: word FARM
F = . _ .

A =  . _

R = _ .

M = _ _

We remind you that to activate the Morse code entry mode in “Hamster”, tap on the text “profit per tap” 3 times, after which the code entry mode will be activated and the outline of the hamster coin will turn red, and then enter the code. To put a dot, you need to quickly tap on the hamster once, and to add a dash, tap and hold your finger for 2 seconds. Do not forget to leave a couple of seconds between entering the next letter of the code, when a letter appears on the screen and the phone vibrates, this is a signal to start entering a new letter.

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