Ether Faucet - a new Ethereum-faucet

Ether Faucet - новый Ethereum-кранEther Faucet - This is the first faucet, the dealer cryptocurrency Ethereum Ether, free of charge. Ether Faucet provides a cryptocurrency "Eterium" for free every 10 minutes.

Currently Ether Faucet gives from 0.00041168 to 0.12885183 ETHER coins at a time. You earn coins will be credited to your account Ether Faucet until the moment when the amount of savings will not exceed 0.1 Ether. Once your account balance reaches 0.1 ETHER, you may order the payment to your Ethereum-wallet.

In order to start making a crane Ether Faucet, you need to create your address Ethereum-wallet. To do this you need to install official Ether-wallet client on you computer, or register on exchange Poloniex, then go to the Personal cabinet "Deposit & Withdrawals". Now listed cryptocurrency find "[ETH] Ethereum", and than click on the link "Deposit address: Generate" in front of the item. After that will be generated for you to address Ethereum wallet. After the withdrawal of a ETHER faucet to this address you can easily You will be able to exchange them for any of the available Exchange cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin.

Ether Faucet - новый Ethereum-кран


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