The free cloud hashrate action from OXBTS in honor of the Chinese New Year

The free cloud hashrate action from OXBTS in honor of the Chinese New YearOXBTC -  investment project, combined with the cloud service of mining in China, today announced exciting new shares after the Chinese New Year, in which offers new customers a free cloud hashrate.

This action will enable all new clients of the company to obtain a small amount of free cloud heshreyta for mining Bitcoin for 1 month. Depending on your luck, you can win from 1 to 1000 GHS/sec, which will be available in the account within 1 month, and you can display all of the profits that will generate your free hashrate. The campaign will last from February 22 to March 6, 2016, so do not miss your chance to get a free hashrate and earn a bit of BTC.

This campaign was launched a project to stimulate further interest in the service from potential customers. Let us remind you that the service offers its customers cloud hashrate the algorithm SHA-256 (Bitcoin) of $ 0.499 for every 1 GHS/sec at a service charge at the rate of $ 0.0007 for each GHS / sec per day. These prices are not too attractive in the current BTC course and network complexity.

The free cloud hashrate action from OXBTS in honor of the Chinese New Year

In addition OIXBT service offers its clients and cloud SCRYPT hashrate (Litecoin) at the price of $ 13 for 1 MHS/sec and service charge 0.02$ for 1 MHS/sec per day. Part OXBTS owners of the company - it is the administration of the cloud service of mining ZeusHash, who had some problems with the profitability of mining and benefit customers, it is not surprising that OXBTS give customers a free hashrate to generate sales hashrate on OXBTS. While on the other hand, why not get the power of the cloud completely free of charge, as there is such a proposal, because you are not forced to buy at this hashrate at his own expense.

Unfortunately, as an investment project, OXBTC service has become less attractive than it was previously. At the moment, interest rates on deposits are set at 0.01% per day (previously 0.02% per day) and time deposits of 30 days 7% per year (previously 14%). Curious fact that the investment platform HalleyBTC (whose owners are also co-owners of UXBTC) still has the interest rates 0.02% daily and 15% per annum for a 30-day term deposits.


To participate in the campaign by OXBTC and get free hashratet