CryptoChainer - service of Blockchain archives for fast wallets synchronization

CryptoChainer - service of Blockchain archives for fast wallets synchronizationOne of the most annoying things when you first start cryptocurrency wallet is its synchronization with blokcheyn network. The older cryptocurrency, the longer it takes to synchronize the purse. For example, Bitcoin synchronization process can take up to several days. In addition, there are enough altcoins, which had turned a few years and the process of synchronization also quite tiring. Although some cryptocurrency and offer the possibility of downloading files Blockchain on their official websites or in a branch of the official announcement on the forum BitcoinTalk, but in fact such a unit coins. CryptoChainer - It is a site that provides quick and easy access to the archives of many Blockchain altcoins. Using Blockchains archives, you can synchronize your wallets you are interested altkoinov much faster than usual.

All you need to do is download the appropriate file Blockchain and extract it to a folder that altcoin uses to store files online blockchain. If you already have a working or restored from a backup wallet, it is possible you will need to wait until re-synchronization will take place to your balance displayed correctly in the wallet GUI.

CryptoChainer - service of Blockchain archives for fast wallets synchronization

Currently, CryptoChainer service stores files blockchain following cryptocurrency:

 1337 Coin, 42 Coin, 8bit, AlienCoin, AnonCoin, ArchCoin, AudioCoin, Axiom, BBQ Coin, BetaCoin, BitBat, BitBay, Bitbean, BitcoinDark, BitcoinScrypt, BlackCoin, BlueCoin, Boolberry, Boolberry, Bottlecaps, BTCTalkCoin, CannabisCoin, CannaCoin, Cash, CasinoCoin, Chip, CLAM, CoinMagi XMG, ColossusCoin V2, ContinuumCoin, Crave, CrownCoin, CryptCoin, CryptoBullion, Cryptonite, Dash, Denarius, Diamond, Digibyte, DigiCube, DigitalCoin, DigitByte, DNotes, DogeCoin, DogeCoinDark, EarthCoin, Einsteinium, Emerald, EuropeCoin, EvergreenCoin, ExclusiveCoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin TIPS, Fibre, Fibre, FireFlyCoin, FlutterCoin, FlyCoin, Franko, Franko, GameCredits, GeoCoin, GoldCoin, GoldPieces, Gulden, HamRadioCoin, HempCoin, HoboNickels, HTML5, Hyper, Hyper, HyperStake, IncaKoin, Influx, IsraCoin, JouleCoin, KittehCoin, LeafCoin, LGBTQoin, LiteCred, LycanCoin, MasterTraderCoin, Maza, MegaCoin, MinCoin, MintCoin, MMXVI, MonaCoin, MoonCoin, MurrayCoin, MyriadCoin, NavajoCoin, NetCoin, NeuCoin, Neutron, Neutron, NobleCoin, NovaCoin, NyanCoin, OK Cash, OKCash, Parallel, PayCON, Pennies, Philosopher Stone, Positron, PotCoin, Primecoin, Quark, Quatloo, Quotient, RateCoin, ReddCoin, RonPaulCoin, RubyCoin V2, SecretCoin, Sembro Token, SexCoin, Shadow, Sling, SmartCoin, Sprouts, Sprouts Extreme, StableCoin, StartCoin V2, Steps, SterlingCoin, Stress, Stronghands, SuperTurboStake, Sync, Synergy, Synergy, TagCoin, TekCoin, Terracoin, TruckCoin, TurboStake, UFOCoin, UltraCoin, UnbreakableCoin, Verge, VeriCoin, VertCoin, ViaCoin, Voxels, Warp, Warp, WhiteCoin v2, WildBeastCoin, WorldCoin, X-Coin, Xaurum, XCash, YellowCoin and ZiftrCoin.

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