Star-Hash - а new cloud mining service with bonus for registration

Star-Hash - а new cloud mining service with bonus for registrationThe day before yesterday, September 5, 2016 to the expanses of the Internet, a new cloud mining service (HYIP with cloud mining legend) Star-Hash with bonus for registration. For registration in the project, anyone can get a 0.05 StarCloud - local cloud hashrate.

After registration and login in your account you get to the screen control panel, where you can choose one of 11 mining cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, DASH, Reddcoin, Bitshares, Monero, Voxels, Blackcoin or USD. On the balance of your account, you will immediately notice the promised 0.05 StarCloud.

On the main page under the indicator of the amount of your heshreyta in the upper right corner is a calculator of mining, by which you can determine how much you earn dollars per hour, day, month and year. And below is the built-in button in the crane project "Faucet", which allows you to receive free of charge for 39 DOGE every 24 hours.

Star-Hash - а new cloud mining service with bonus for registration

Star-Hash accepts deposits in Bitcoin (at least 0.0005 BTC), Dogecoin (minimum 10 DOGE) or through the popular payment system Payeer. Judging by the built-in calculator project, Star-Hash provides a yield of about 2% per day. Payments are made in any of the supported project cryptocurrency with a minimum threshold of 0.01 BTC or the equivalent. Payments are made by manual request to Withdraw section.

Affiliate program standard for such projects is 10% of the deposits of your referrals. As for the engine, then it uses the time-tested script and projects such as RDPminer, CLDmine, X-mine and other similar. Web site design properly, fairly professionally and flawlessly. Of the languages currently available only in English. The project site is fast, without lags and delays.

Register on Star-Hash and obtain bonus An other cloud mining services