BEAM cryptocurrency hardfork August 15, 2019 on the new BeamHash2 mining algorithm


Today, on August 15, 2019, at block 321321, the Beam cryptocurrency switches to the new mining algorithm BeamHash2 (a variation of EquihashR) instead of Equihash150 / 5 (BeamHash). One of the unpleasant feature of the BeamHash2 algorithm is the impossibility of mining on video cards with 3GB of video memory for Windows, which is why owners of the Nvidia GTX1060 3Gb after the BEAM hard fork will have to look for other cryptocurrencies for mining  or change or switch to Linux.

The minimum video memory requirements for the BeamHash2 algorithm at the moment is 4Gb for Windows.

The positive moment from switching to BeamHash2 is a decrease in the power consumption of video cards during mining, a decrease in the number of miners and, accordingly, an increase in income from BEAM mining, at least in the first days after a hardfork.

In order not to miss the opportunity to get additional profit, you can now update the miner supporting the new BeamHash2 algorithm, as well as the automatic transition from BeamHash to BeamHash2. This functionality already has Gminer 1.55, Miniz 1.4 and Lolminer 0.8.3.     

You can already calculate the profitability of mining on the BeamHash2 algorithm on the website