MiniZ 1.3n4 - fast Equihash Nvidia miner

miniz-1-3n4 nvidia equihashMiniZ is a miner for Nvidia video cards with support for CUDA 8 (GTX series) and CUDA 10 (RTX series), allowing you to mine cryptocurrency on various variations of Equihash algorithms (144/5, 192/7, 96/5, 150/5). In performance, this miner is slightly inferior to the popular Gminer, but it can boast convenient and informative means of monitoring equipment operation via the built-in telemetry service. Any modern Nvidia video card with not less than 2GB of video memory will suit for inclusion in mining. Several versions of the miner for Windows and Linux are available for download, and the miner itself is only available with closed source code and a commission of 2%. You can download the MiniZ on the official website