Gram Mining Pool is a new mining pool for GRAM with zero commission (0%)

gram mining poolA second mining pool for mining GRAM with zero (0%) commission has appeared. If you are mining GRAM on the pool, where the commission is a whopping 50%!, then you might be interested in this information.

Information about the new commission-free pool has appeared on the official GRAM token website.

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To connect to it, go to the Gram Mining Pool website, then connect your MyTonWallet (other wallets for the TON platform are also supported, such as Telegram wallet, Ton keeper, Open Mask, TonHub, DeWallet, and others) for automatic .bat file generation and viewing statistics on found shares and earned coins.

gram mining pool settings

After you have connected your wallet, click on the "How To Install" link at the top of the website, select the "Windows" tab in the pop-up window, then click the "Download" button next to the text "Download a GRAM Mining Pool CLI:" to download the miner. Now select the CUDA driver type - for Nvidia cards, OpenCL - for AMD, activate the "CPU miner" option if you want your central processor to be used in mining in addition to the video card (not recommended, as the increase in hash rate will be minimal), and finally click on the "Download run_miner.bat" button to download your .bat file. After connecting your wallet, the pool will know your TON address and will be able to automatically generate the .bat file.

Copy the downloaded .bat file to the folder with the unpacked miner and run it. Congratulations, you have set up the GRAM mining process on the new pool with 0% commission. Now on the website you can monitor your balance, the number of shares you have found in the current round, and the percentage of your shares to the total number of pool shares. Here you can also withdraw your earnings through Crypto Bot in Telegram. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 GRAM.