Notcoin (NOT) will be listed on Bybit, OKX and Binance on May 16

The three largest exchanges Binance, Bybit and OKX announced the listing of the Notcoin ($NOT) token on May 16, 2024. Notcoin was the result of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that was made in the form of a tapping game and set a new trend in the crypto industry. As a result, the game became so viral that it gained more than 35 million users! In addition to ordinary people, this project attracted the attention of most crypto enthusiasts, thanks to an interesting roadmap and unusual distribution ideas.

OKX Jumpstart

On May 13, Jumpstart (analogous to Launchpad) will start on the OKX exchange, as a result of which 1,283,990,271 $NOT tokens will be distributed among participants. To participate in the event, anyone can stake up to 4,000 TON for the duration of the promotion. The promotion will last 3 days until May 16, after which the coin will be added to the exchange for trading. Staking and withdrawal of TON coins from staking is available at any time, and Notcoin coins are awarded every minute. The larger the staking amount and the longer you stay in it, the more $NOT coins you will receive

Binance Launchpool

Just like in the case of OKX, the top 1 exchange Binance will launch a three-day Launchpool from May 13, which will result in the distribution of 3,081,576,651 $NOT tokens on May 16. You can contribute your BNB coins (85% of the distribution) or the FDUSD stablecoin (15%) to the pool for reward distribution. The larger the deposited amount, the higher the reward will be. Unlike OKX, there is no maximum staking limit.

Bybit listing

In addition, one of the largest and most popular exchanges in the CIS, Bybit, also announced the listing of Notcoin on May 16.

There is no official information yet about the process of Branding (receiving $NOT coins) from the game and through NFTs purchased in advance with a denomination of $NOT. Most likely, this information will become available on the day of listing on all exchanges listed above on May 16th.

Against the backdrop of news about the listing of Notcoin, the price of the TON token increased by more than 20%, in addition, the listing of $NOT was supported by Wallet (wallet) in Telegram and Crypto bot (with a built-in wallet, exchange and P2P)

If you want to participate in the events described above and take a piece of the $NOT distribution, or you want to sell/buy Notcoin and you do not yet have accounts on these exchanges, you can register using our links: Binance (30% discount), Bybit, OKX (20% discount) and get the maximum possible discount on trading commissions.