Get an Official NFT from Zora x Ezra Miller

Zora Network is an L2 network on Ethereum and one of the contenders for the next retrodrop. The project has collected about $60 million in investments from Coinbase Ventures, OpenSea, Paradigm, Gitcoin and others. Yesterday, Zora, together with American digital artist Ezra Miller, launched a joint distribution of new Official Zorb NFTs called “zzzorrrb by Ezra Miller”, which is definitely worth picking up if you plan to claim an Airdrop from the Zora project in the future.

To do this, you need to go to the Zora website, connect a wallet in the Zora Network and mint NFT (commission 0.000777 ETH) before July 6, 2024. If you do not have Ether in the Zora network, use the bridge (a bridge with one of the lowest commissions for exchange between various L2 networks and the main broadcast network).

Most likely, the presence of NFT Official Zorbs will be one of the multipliers for receiving a future retrodrop, so if you are working on a future drop from Zora - be sure to pick up this NFT. If your MetaMask does not add the Zora network, try using a VPN.