Ann SUQA - cryptocurrency on the new X22i algorithm

ann suqa mining ccminer x22i

After the development of ASICs for the Ethash, Cryptonight and Equihash algorithms, new "asyco-resistant" algorithms began to appear like mushrooms after the rain. One of these newcomers was the SUQA cryptocurrency with the support of the previously unknown X22i algorithm. As usual, the developers assure that this algorithm is well protected for mining on Asic, FPGA and quantum computers due to serious memory requirements, which, as we know, are not enough in such devices. In addition to the new POW mining algorithm, SUQA cryptocurrency can be noted for high transaction processing speed - up to 533 transactions per second. Only two miners are currently available for mining, and both of them only support Nvidia video cards.


  You can download ccminer for X22i Git Hub, the second miner ccminer-x22i-bin-w64-v1.1.1.7 shows similar performance, but boasts support for older Maxwell generation cards.

Nvidia graphics card performance on X22i algorithm


GPU GTX970 GTX1050Ti GTX1060 GTX1070Ti GTX1080 GTX1080Ti RTX2080Ti
Hashrate X22i 1700Kh/s 1100KH/s 1800KH/s 2700KH/s 3100KH/s 4000KH/s 6000Kh/s

You can calculate the profitability of mining SUQA cryptocurrency on this calculator, only there is one problem. Due to the absence of this cryptocurrency on the stock exchanges to calculate the full profitability of mining does not work. And we will have to invest in future, hoping for a good price of this cryptocurrency when added to exchanges.

For mining on a CPU, you need to use an official wallet, which can be downloaded from the Bitcointalk forum, and you will also find a list of available pools there.