Dero is the most profitable coin for CPU mining. New miner with double hashrate.

We have recently talked about how to set up Dero coin mining on the central processor, but recently a new highly optimized miner Astrobwt-miner v1.6 was released for the AstroBWT/v3 algorithm on which this coin is mined and which doubled the mining performance on central processors, compared to Dero Sratum miner for Windows which we previously recommended to use. This fact made Dero once again the most profitable coin to mine on the CPU.

You can download the Astrobwt-miner v1.6 miner from the official repository on GitHub. The new miner shows twice the performance compared to the Dero Sratum miner for Windows with almost the same power consumption, for example, in our case on the flagship AMD Ryzen 9 7950X processor, we managed to get a hash rate of around 25.7 kh/s (for comparison, Dero Sratum miner for Windows showed about 12.3 kh/s). Unfortunately, Astrobwt-miner v1.6 also has one significant drawback, the software uses all the resources of the central processor to the maximum, therefore, during the mining process, it is almost impossible to work in parallel on the computer, as the interfaces of the operating system and programs will slow down.

How to start mining Dero on Windows on the Whalesburg pool:

  • To get started, download the miner from the official repository on GitGub. (in our case the rev4 version for Windows)
  • Unpack the archive into a suitable folder.
  • Edit the stratum_mine.bat file, replacing "YOUR_ADDRESS" with your DERO wallet address and "YOUR_RPC_IP:YOUR_RPC_PORT" with
  • In our case, we use the largest pool for the Dero coin - Whalesburg. The pool takes a commission of 4%.
  • We save the change in a .bat file.
  • Now we run the modified .bat file, congratulations, if you did everything right, the mining process will start.

Hashrate comparison of Dero Sratum miner for Windows and AstroBWT miner 1.6:

Profitability of mining DERO:

You can calculate the profitability of DERO mining here.

In our case, for the Ryzen 9 7950X, we have about $1.42 per processor without electricity and $0.99 with electricity at $0.1 per kilowatt hour. (1.41 - 0.43 = 0.99).