Bminer 10.5.0 - increased the hashrate by 100% on the algorithm Tensority (Bytom)

bminer best hashrate on Tensority algorithm cryptocurrency Bytom

Bminer is a multiminer for Nvidia video cards with support for several algorithms: Tensority, Ethash, Equihash, Zhash. Biminer is of greatest interest to Bytom cryptocurrency miners, since offers the largest hashrate when mining cryptocurrency Bytom (BTM). If in the previous version 10.0.0 the developers have raised the hashrate by 30%, then this time we were surprised, because according to the performance level on the algorithm Tensority Bminer version 10.5.0 raised more than twice.

Hashrate Nvidia video cards on Tensority algorithm:

Geforce GTX1060 1770H / s

Geforce GTX1070 2800H / s

Geforce GTX1080Ti 4500H / s

Besides Pascal generation video cards, the previous Maxwell generation is also supported.

It should be noted that not all pools support this miner, for example, Antpool Bminer does not support.

For a high hashrate at Tensority, developers ask for the same high commission of 2%.

Download Bminer 10.5.0 possible at the Bitcointalk forum thread.