Testing Bminer 10.2 on all algorithms

test bminer 10 hashrate

Bminer was originally intended only for the mining of one Bytom crypto currency on the Tensority algorithm. To the output of version 10, this miner got support for other algorithms (Ethash, Ethash + Blake, Zhash, Equihash). The Miner can still be used only with NVIDIA graphics cards. If the Tensority Bminer algorithm is now the leader of a hashrate, then there are not so many other information algorithms, so we decided to run a small Bminer test for all supported algorithms and for several types of GPUs.

Supported algorithms Bminer 10.2:

Tensority (bytom)
Zhash (equihash 144.5)
Ethash + blake (dual mining)

Technical features:

Protect Fail (Automatic restart)
Automatic restart when one or more video cards are turned off
Support for REST API for large farms
SSL Support
Automatic selection of parameters for different video cards


Windows 64
Linux 64
Video cards Nvidia GTX9xx and newer

 Testing of the Bminer miner will be performed on video cards of the current NVIDIA model line:

Geforce GTX1060 6Gb
Geforce GTX1070
Geforce GTX1070Ti
Geforce GTX1080Ti
The test results are given for clarity in one table, where each has a hashrate and core / memory overclocking.


Характеристики Geforce GTX1060 6Gb Geforce GTX1070 Geforce GTX1070Ti Geforce GTX1080Ti
Tensority   880H/s +100/+500 1150H/s  +100/+500 1310H/s +150/+500  1800H/s +150/+500
Equihash 144.5 (zhash)  27Sol/s +100/+500 37Sol/s +150/+500  41sol/s +150/+500 54sol/s +150/+500
Equihash  360sol/s +150/+500 480sol/s +150/+500 500sol/s +150/+500 700sol/s +150/+500
Ethash 24Mh/s +100/+750 32Mh/s +150/+750 32,5Mh/s +150/+750 36,5(52)*MH/s +100/+750

* The second mining result for the GTX1080Ti on the Ethash algorithm is obtained using the ETHlargementPill.


mining bminer bytom tensority nvidia

The transition to Bminer for owners of mining rigs based on NVidia graphics cards is actual if you decide to engage in Bytom mining, because this miner gives out more by 15% (for GTX1060, GTX1070) and 7% more for (GTX1080Ti) hash compared to other miners supporting the Tensority algorithm.

For Ethash algorithms, Equihash Bminer issues an equivalent hashrate with other solutions.

Bminer it has a commission of 0.65% when mining Ethereum, which is slightly less than the popular miner Claymores Dual Ethereum (1%).

For other algorithms (Equihash, Tensority) commission is a considerable 2%. In the dual mode ETH + Blake, the commission will be 1.35%

Download  Bminer 10.2.0 for Windows or Linux