Bminer 16.2.12 and Gminer 2.20 - significantly improved the hashrate of Nvidia video cards based on the Cuckarooz29 algorithm

bminer grin29z hasrhateAlmost half a month has passed since the hard fork of the GRIN cryptocurrency, and during this time the developers of the Bminer and Gminer miners have significantly optimized their software for mining the GRIN cryptocurrency using the Cuckarooz29 algorithm. If you have not updated your miner yet, then we strongly recommend doing so. You can download the latest version of Bminer on the official website, and Gminer on GitHub. Bminer version 16.2.12 offers the following video card hashrate:GTX1060 - 2 G/s, P104 - 3,27 G/s, GTX1070 - 2,95 G/s, P102- 4,73 G/s, GTX1080ti - 4,84 G/s, RTX2060 - 3,8 G/s, RTX2070 - 5 G/s, RTX2080 - 5,24 G/s, RTX2080ti - 7,96 G/s.