Zjazz 0.95 is available mining for Merit on GTX 1060 3Gb

zjazz mining merit algoritm cuckoo

If you follow the Merit crypto currency, then for you there is good news. Developers of the alternative miner Zjazz released a new version 0.95. The main difference from the previous one is the decrease in the used GPU memory. Instead of 2.8 GB, now you need 2.19Gb, which will allow you to run this miner on 3-gig Nvidia GTX1060 graphics cards. The performance of one GTX1060 graphics card is based on the Cuckoo 0.2 Cycles / s algorithm. You can calculate the profitability of the mining on this Merit calculator. If to compare with profit of mining Ethereum, then Merit's mining will be more profitable by 40%.

To run the miner, you also need a large swap file, i.e. if you have a rig from 6 GTX1060 3Gb video cards and run the miner in one thread, then the paging file must be at least 6 * 2.19 = 13.14 GB. For owners of video cards with 6GB, you can run a two-thread miner, for this you need a Windows paging file no less than 26.3GB.

For graphics cards with 8 or 11GB memory, you can run the zjazz miner already in 3 threads, increasing the paging file in parallel.

The number of threads increases the load on the GPU, because the miner itself is poorly optimized and one stream of the GTX1070-level video card only loads the GPU by 50-60%

Another important nuance with the increase in the number of streams is the load on the CPU, so with a large number of threads, you can rest assured of the CPU performance, not the graphics cards.

If you want to go to Merit Mining, then you need to register and get an invitation. Link for registration on the Merit website with our invitation. Because invitations in the system Merit are limited and do not grab at all comers, so if you are serious about the mining of this crypto currency, leave your login on the forum here. Invitations are first of all confirmed to those who indicated their login on the forum.

Download zjazz 0.95 on GitHub