Bminer 16.3.0 - Cuckatoo32 mining is available on video cards with 6Gb video memory

bminer grin32 6gbBminer today offers the maximum performance of Nvidia video cards based on the Cuckatoo32 mining algorithm (GRIN cryptocurrency). In the latest version of Bminer 16.3.0, GRIN32 mining became available for video cards with 6Gb VRAM - these are GTX1060 6Gb, GTX1660, GTX1660 Super, GTX1660ti and RTX2060. Because For the last six months, mining GRIN32 for Nvidia video cards with 8Gb of video memory remains one of the most profitable, so many owners of more budgetary video cards from Nvidia should also pay attention to the Cuckatoo32 algorithm. You can download Bminer on the official website.