Ethereum 2 - scored the required number of validators to start phase 0

ethereum 2 phase 0 launched

After the launch of deposit contracts in early November 2020, for phase 0 Ethereum 2, only 3 weeks have passed since the required number of validators (16.384 or 524.288ETH) has already been collected. Although at the start, many had big doubts about such an outcome of events, since it will not be possible to withdraw ETH from the Ethereum 2 network before the introduction of phase 2, which will not come earlier than in 2 years. In addition, to generate income from POS Ethereum2, it is necessary to support two branches of the ETH1 and ETH2 network at once. Otherwise (if the validators are not online all the time), instead of receiving interest income, on the contrary, you will lose your deposit. It was also unclear what would happen if the required number of validators was not reached before the launch date of phase 0 (December 1, 2020).

To get off the ground was a statement from the developers, who said that phase 0 will start under any circumstances, but closer to mid-December. After that, deposits poured out like a cornucopia of 40.000 ETH or even 177.000 ETH per day.

ethereum 2 network charts

To date, on November 24, 2020, even more Ethereum has been collected than planned (556.960ETH instead of 524.288) and the number of validators continues to grow steadily.ethereum 2 validators


We, as planned, also took part in the formation of the new generation of Ethereum, creating a deposit of 32ETH (19.700USD at the current rate) to be able to create our own validator for the Ethereum 2.0 network

ethereum 2 validators create

A little later, we will tell you how to raise your own ETH1 and ETH2 nodes in order to receive income from the running validator of the Ethereum 2 network

If you are also planning to become an Ethereum 2 validator, be sure to weigh the pros and cons, since You are unlikely to be able to sell 32 ether invested in the next 2 years, so you should not invest your last savings here, and even more so take a loan for this event. For those who already have 32 ETH or more at their disposal and plan to keep them on the horizon for the next 2 or more years, then this is a good opportunity to increase their capital. We also do not recommend participating those users who are poorly versed in the operation of computers and software, because the entry threshold for this knowledge is also quite high, and any mistake can cost you the loss of the entire amount.