Airdrop of the DED meme coin from Polkadot

dotisded airdrop polkadotAnyone keeping an eye on the crypto market is probably already familiar with the BONK meme coin, launched on the Solana blockchain, which led to Solana's value increasing more than 5 times, and BONK itself appreciated over 100 times. If not everyone knows about BONK, the phenomenal growth in the value of Solana over the past few months could have been noticed by only the laziest. Following a similar scenario, the developers of the Polkadot cryptocurrency decided to revive interest in their project, currently ranked 12th on CoinMarketCap.

In late December 2023, the Polkadot community voted for the DOTisDED meme coin project, or simply DED, which will be distributed to all holders of the Polkadot cryptocurrency (DOT).

To guarantee receiving the DED cryptocurrency airdrop, one must hold their DOT coins in the near future on wallets from the Polkadot ecosystem that have already confirmed support for this airdrop: Nova wallet, Tailsman, SubWallet.

Wallets can be downloaded from the website.


token ded

Currently, discussions are underway regarding the support of the DED airdrop with exchanges and other projects and wallets that use Polkadot for collateral, staking, or simply hold these coins. Therefore, before withdrawing your coins from parachains and staking, inquire with customer support whether they will support this airdrop for the Polkadot cryptocurrency.

The exact start date of the airdrop is not yet determined, but if you are serious about receiving free DED tokens in the near future, and later NFT DED, it is better to address this issue now.

The distribution of DED tokens will be much clearer and more transparent than in the BONK project because 80% will be distributed among all current holders of the Polkadot cryptocurrency, and 20% will be reserved for the further development of the project in creating DAO and WEB3 games.

In total, 1,789,000,000,000 DED tokens will be created, and as part of the airdrop, 1,431,200,000,000 DED will be distributed.

dot is ded tokenomics

The exact impact of the introduction and free distribution of DED tokens on the development of the entire Polkadot cryptocurrency ecosystem is practically impossible to predict at the moment. However, considering the successful case of BONK and the overall upward trend in the cryptocurrency market, the emergence of the first meme coin on the Polkadot blockchain with developer support and the entire community will undoubtedly contribute to the further popularization of the Polkadot cryptocurrency. This, in turn, will solidify its position securely within the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Monitoring the progress of the DED project can be done on the website or through their Twitter and Telegram channels, dedbird.


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