And again on December 17 = Bitcoin at 20K

bitcoin 20.000USD December 17Today, December 17, 2020, the rate of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency confidently crossed the 20,000 USD mark and rushed to new heights. At the moment, the maximum value of BTC has risen to 22,100 USD, which is a record. This day, December 17, can be considered a landmark, especially since exactly 3 years ago, on this very day, December 17, 2017, we observed the previous record price for 1 Bitcoin (another frontier of 20,000 USD for 1 BTC), when it also traded at a price above 20,000 USD. Such a coincidence can be treated in different ways: you can look for a conspiracy, an accident or a predestination of fate in this, but in any case, December 17, now 2020, will become another new landmark day in the history of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry. The past 3 years have been, frankly, not the easiest with many ups and downs, and many have already lost faith in cryptocurrencies. But for those who remained faithful to the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto to the last, today it is doubly pleasant to see that the idea of ​​decentralized finance (money) and Bitcoin, in particular, is not only alive, but continues to develop, gaining more and more new supporters around the world.