Maximum bonus 600 usd when registering on the Binance exchange plus 20% refback

binance referral code with 20% cashback and sign-up bonus 600Cryptocurrency exchange Binance occupies a leading position in the crypto market, and this leadership is confirmed by trading volumes that are 10-20 times higher than those of its closest competitors. If you want to evaluate the best solutions in the crypto finance industry, then you should at least get acquainted with the opportunities that Binance offers, as more than one hundred million people from all over the world have already done. When registering, you can use our referral code MLDOBG5I and get the highest possible signup bonus that is possible. If you register without a referral code, you will permanently lose the opportunity to receive bonuses from Binance.

What does the referral code MLDOBG5I give when registering on the Binance exchange:

1 Permanent referral cashback (refback) of 20% on the spot market. Those. when trading, you pay a commission to the exchange, for example, 1 USD. When using our referral code, 20% of the commission paid will be returned to your account, i.е. You will pay 0.8 USD instead of 1 USD trading fee.

For the futures market, you will also have a referral cashback of 10% during the first 30 days after registration. These conditions are also the most favorable at the moment for new users.

When switching from ref. link to the Binance website, you will see the following registration window. Pay attention to the lines underlined in red, only in this case you will receive a 20% refback on an ongoing basis.

registration on the exchange binance with a referral code


2 Signup Bonus 600USD is the highest possible bonus from Binance, which you can only get using our referral code. Usually this bonus for new users varies from 50 USD to 100 USD.


Important: This bonus must be activated in the task center (see screenshot below) within the first 5 days after registration. The bonus is valid for 30 days, during which you will receive USD for completing certain tasks, which will also be indicated in the task center.


binance task center get bonus

Conclusion: For new users who just want to register on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, we recommend using our referral code MLDOBG5I. Using referral codes does not oblige you to anything, on the contrary, you only get an advantage over regular registration in the form of a permanent referral cashback and a registration bonus of 600 USD.

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