Maximum commission discount is 25%, plus a $20 USDT voucher on the exchange promotion and bonusesUntil February 29, offers our clients (who registered with our referral code H9QZBNDJ) a special promotion, which includes not only a regular 25% commission discount on spot and futures trading but also a BonusUSDT voucher worth $20 USDT. The conditions for receiving this offer are straightforward: register through this link and make a deposit of at least $10 USDT. Read more about the promotion below:

Detailed conditions for receiving the $20 USDT voucher

Please note:

Deposits are calculated based on the total deposit amount minus the total withdrawal amount during the promotion. To receive the voucher, your deposit must be at least $10 in USDT or equivalent tokens throughout the entire promotion period.
Vouchers for Simple Futures are distributed as BonusUSDT, a virtual asset issued by the CommEX platform and are not tokens existing on any other blockchain network. Each BonusUSDT is equivalent to 1 USDT.
The voucher for Simple Futures will be issued within one week after the promotion ends.
For this promotion, deposits from external wallets, fund transfers from Binance, and card top-ups are considered. Deposits made from internal addresses and top-ups via P2P markets will not be counted.
Vouchers for Simple Futures cannot be withdrawn and can only be used for trading Simple Futures. However, profits obtained from these vouchers can be withdrawn to the spot account in USDT.
When closing a position, if the difference between the user's balance minus the commission exceeds the nominal value of the voucher for Simple Futures, the profit will be converted to USDT and automatically credited to the user's spot account. Otherwise, if the balance is below the nominal value, the user incurs no losses.
The validity period of the voucher for Simple Futures is 30 days. If the voucher is not used or activated after this period, it will be automatically canceled.
The 25% commission discount or referral rebate on the exchange is permanent and not limited to February only. More details can be found in this article: Referral ID H9QZBNDJ