IronFish mining calculator

ironfish miningToday, a new ambitious IronFish project with mining on video cards has been launched. The mining algorithm used in this project is called Blake3-IronFish, i.е. a modification of the original Blake3 algorithm, which uses mostly GPU power to enumerate hashes. Therefore, it will be especially profitable to mine the IronFish coin on Geforce RTX 4000 video cards. the cost of the cryptocurrency is not yet known, so there are no calculators yet to calculate the profitability of mining. But with the help of the universal mining calculator, you can now calculate the profitability in the number of coins or in dollars if you specify the predicted price for IronFish.

In order for the universal mining calculator to calculate income, you need to know the block time and block reward in the Iron Fish network, as well as the hashrate of the network and the hashrate of your video card or mining rig. Optionally, you can specify the value of the coin that the calculator gave the calculation in fiat.

Network block time: 60 seconds

Block Reward: 20 iron

Network hashrate: 181TH/s

The current network hashrate can be viewed on the pool

RTX 4090 graphics card hashrate = 12Gh/s  55GH/s

Iron Fish price

You can now find out the cost of the IronFish cryptocurrency on the HotBit exchange, where on April 24 one coin costs 14 USDT


Let's substitute our data into the calculator (you need to specify your hashrate and the current network hashrate):


ironfish mining calculator calculated that an RTX 4090 graphics card with a hashrate of 12GH/s will mine 1.9 coins. If you specify the cost of one Iron Fish coin at 1 USD, then the income from mining, taking into account the cost of electricity, will be 1.17 USD per day.

You can use a generic (generic) calculator for any cryptocurrency for which the time and block reward are known, as well as the total network hashrate.