This Altcoin Already Has Raised $4.65M, Could Join Cryptos Top 50 Alongside Eos (EOS) and Quant (QNT) in 2023

digitoads defi nftDigiToads is the hottest meme coin presale so far, skyrocketing by 270% in only a few weeks. With $4.65 million already raised, a flourishing community, and viral meme coin potential, DigiToads hits milestone after milestone as it emerges as one of the best DeFi companies right now. Here’s why experts there’s plenty of room for DigiToads to grow into one of the top 50 cryptos on the market, alongside Eos and Quant. 


The DigiToads ecosystem is breaking the mold in the explosive meme coin market. While some other meme coins are all about the joke, DigiToads is all about making money for its investors. 

The complex platform combines financial opportunities with a fun play-to-earn game. In the innovative world of the Swamp, users play with digital toad characters to be among the top players on the platform and earn lots of rewards each season. These rewards, distributed as TOADS tokens, can be further used to improve the digital toad character, generate passive income on the platform, or simply withdraw it and pocket it as your profit. 

Apart from the engaging play-to-earn environment, TOADS holders can also buy and stake popular NFTs to generate extra income. This rare feature sends DigiToads well on its path to stardom as anyone can join the presale now, buy TOADS, and simply wait for their wealth to grow. 

The TOADS presale has recorded tremendous success so far, raising over $4.65 million. Thanks to the rewarding model of the platform, investors are flocking to the website, propelling DigiToads among the top 50 cryptos. 

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The Eos network is a good crypto to buy now due to its unprecedented growth. This is thanks to the multiple developments launched on the network. Firstly, EOS EVM was released a few weeks ago, showing developers’ focus on further network growth. Also, recently, v.05 was rolled out, aimed at further improving the user experience and performance of the EVM. 

Overall, Eos is planning to roll out many other updates and improvements that will attract more DeFi app developers and enhance the value of the network. Currently, in 49th place, Eos’ market cap is just shy of $1 billion, and it could climb the ranks sooner rather than later thanks to the many updates. 


Quant’s price performance has been fluctuating in the long term, but the company seems to be finally able to seize momentum. Perhaps what makes Quant stand out from the crowd is its ability to partner with government institutions at a time when the regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrency has never been more fierce.

Quant aims to bridge the gap between crypto and legality and is actively supporting CBDC developments. Known as Central Bank Digital Currencies, CBDC initiatives have been on the rise lately, as global governments embrace blockchain technology. 

Quant is involved with Rosalind, a project that contains approximately 60 banks all over the world. In other words, QNT demand could skyrocket this year as its services are used to develop digital currencies used by banks and financial institutions from all over the world. 

While Quant’s short-term picture may not fully reveal this huge potential, this alliance with governments could prove a huge long-term catalyst for growth. Quant is currently in 41st place according to market capitalization. 

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digitoads nft


DigiToads is perhaps the top crypto to buy right now as buying TOADS at a discount will not be available for long. Early investors stand to benefit the most as the price is expected to grow by 450% in the near term and explode by over 2,000% in the next months. Advancing at an unprecedented pace, DigiToads is on the path to becoming a pivotal cryptocurrency on the market, alongside Eos and Quant. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.