Airdrop of memecoin Dick

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The TON cryptocurrency blockchain continues to attract attention in the maximum possible ways; one of these popularization steps is the creation and promotion of memcoins within the TON blockchain and their distribution via Airdrop for activity and support of the project. The most famous memecoin for Telegram can definitely be called Povel Durev, which parodies the creator of Telegram Pavel Durov. But today we’ll talk about another equally creative project called DICK and tell you how to get free coins for minimal activity in Telegram.

To become an Airdrop participant in the DICK project, you need an account in the Telegram messenger and subscribe to the $DICK GROWTH. bot.

Next, you need to indicate your TON wallet and you can start completing tasks.

The tasks are as simple as possible: subscribe to a telegram group, chat and many other activities, which include liking or subscribing to a channel on (Twitter)

It is not at all necessary to complete tasks related to; you can simply click on the completed button and receive your points.

Tasks are updated almost every day, you need to monitor the appearance of new tasks in order to get the maximum possible Airdrop in DICK memcoins.

It is also possible to attract friends using a special link. For each friend you refer you get 500 points.

The listing of the DICK token is scheduled for April 22, 2024.

It will be traded on the DEX exchanges Stonfi and Dedust.



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