MSN - New Jumpstart (LaunchPad) From OKX Exchange

The top crypto exchange OKX announced its next project within the framework of JumpStart (the local analogue of Launchpad from Binance). This time, an MSN (Meson Network) token will be distributed for participation - DePin is a project to create a marketplace with optimized bandwidth. The launch is scheduled for 04/26/2024 6:00 (UTC) or 13 hours after publication of this material. As usual, thanks to the low maximum possible staking amount (3.5 ETH and 0.3 BTC), it is possible to receive the highest possible income (usually from 1 to 6% of the staking amount in just 2 days and without any risks).

The launch of mining is scheduled for April 26, 2024 06:00 (UTC) or 9 a.m. Moscow time. There will be 2 pools available: in ETH (maximum staking amount 3.5 ether) and BTC (0.3 bitcoin). Mining will last two days, after which the staked Ethers or Bitcoins will be returned to you and MSN tokens will be awarded in proportion to the amount of ETH and BTC you staked. You can also participate in two pools at the same time. There is no minimum staking amount.

The terms of participation:

  • You must be registered on the OKX exchange.
  • You must pass KYC (user verification).
  • ETH or BTC on your account balance.
  • Log in to the OKX application from your smartphone (important!), if the application is not yet installed, do so. Then go to Earn and then JumpStart. Then select ETH or BTC, click “Stake,” and then confirm the operation.
  • You can enter both pools at once.
  • After MSN tokens are distributed to all participants, trading will begin on the exchange. You can immediately sell the received tokens or (if you consider the project promising) keep them for yourself. In this way, you can usually earn from 1 to 6% of the staking amount, depending on the success of the project and the price for which you sell them.
  • In addition, when you register using our link (or using the affiliate code CRYPTOAGE), you will receive a 20% discount on your trading commission.
  • A total of 800,000 MSN tokens will be distributed (400,000 in the ETH pool and 400,000 in BTC).
  • Mining period: 06:00 (UTC) April 26, 2024 - 06:00 (UTC) April 28, 2024
  • During mining, you will be able to deposit and withdraw your assets at any time without restrictions.
  • Opening of trading with MSN: From April 29, 2024