Key points from the official video about upcoming updates to the Blum project

Recently a new video was released on Vladimir Smerkis’ channel about the immediate development of his project for the future Blum crypto exchange. Here is a summary of theses from this video about the future of this popular project:

1) In the future, there will be a quest section where you can complete tasks and receive a reward for this in the form of Blum points. An example of such tasks could be subscribing to project partners on social media. networks and similar social activities.

2) They promise that the project will get into the top 5 channels on Telegram.

3) Integration of your own crypto wallet inside the Blum application with support for various coins.

4) In the game, in addition to falling Blum points, ice crystals to freeze the screen and bombs to reset the balance of points, various coins and tokens from the project’s partners will also fall, which can be caught and which will be saved in the player’s wallet. They promise to implement the ability to connect third parties wallets for importing and convenient deposit/withdrawal of player assets.

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