zjazz 1.2 - mining Merit, Bitcash and Suqa on Nvidia, AMD video cards

zjazz mining merit bitcash suqa

The developers of Zjazz have updated to version 1.2 their two miners for Nvidia and AMD video cards, while providing support for three algorithms in one release: Cuckoo Cicle Edgebit 26 (Merit), Cuckoo Cicle Edgebit 27 (Bitcash) and X22i (SUGA) Miner zjazz is unique at the moment, because he is the only one who supports the Cuckoo algorithm and at the same time can offer a high hashrate for the X22i algorithm. And for this uniqueness, you have to pay a high commission of 2%.

Download the latest version of the miner Zjazz on GItHub:

Скачать для Nvidia Zjazz_cuda_miner_1.2

Скачать для AMD Zjazz_amd_miner_1.2