WildRig Multi 0.12.8- increase performance by 10%

wildrigWildRig Multi is a multiminer for AMD video cards with support for 19 mining algorithms: bcd, bitcore, c11, geek, hex, hmq1725, phi, renesis, skunkhash, sonoa, timetrevel, tribus, x16r, x16s, x17, x22i, exosis, polytimios, nist5 . In the current version 0.12.8, the performance in mining for all algorithms was increased by 10% compared with the previous version. AMD cards from Fiji, Hawaii, Tonga generation are supported. Please note that for older video cards labeled R9 for maximum performance, you need to download additional Kernels files. Look at the Optimal Settings section, since Recommended settings for various video cards have also been changed. The commission for using WildRig Miner is 2%. You can download the latest version on the Bitcointalk forum. In the same place you will find the hashrate for the RX460, RX570 and RX580 video cards.