New version of Damominer 2.3.1: increased hashrate up to 20%, reduced CPU requirement

A new version of Damominer 2.3.1 has been released, which is designed for ALEO solo mining. The update has increased the hash rate of video cards of the middle and top segments up to 20%, and budget video cards up to 15%. In addition, the requirement for the central processing unit (CPU) has been seriously reduced (by 30-40%). In our case, when using AMD Ryzen 9 7950X + Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090, CPU usage decreased from 65% to 17%! The latest version 2.3.1 now consumes a lot of video memory, and in some systems video cards with 10 Gb of video memory may not start on 2.3.1, in this case, use the Damominer 2.3.0 version to reduce vRam consumption. Due to the fact that the update works intensively with video memory, now it makes sense to overclock the video memory frequency (previously, miners preferred to increase the GPU frequency and lower the memory frequency for ALEO mining), for example, in our case, overclocking the video memory by +500 in MSI Afterburner helped to increase the hashrate from 7450 P /s up to 7950 P/s.