Mining Grin cryptocurrency on video cards with 4GB video memory

minerbabe grin 4gbWhile GRIN's cryptocurrency remains in the top in terms of the mining profitability to it, the interest of the miners dont die out. While many owners of video cards with 6Gb video memory managed to switch to GRIN mining and grab their chunk of profit, all this time the owners of video cards (GTX1050ti, R9 380, RX550, RX560, RX470, RX570, RX480, RX580) c 4GB of video memory were outside this holiday. Next, we will explain how to enable video cards with 4 gigabytes of memory in the Grin mining on the Cuckaroo29 algorithm.

First of all, you will need to download the installation image of the MinerBabe operating system based on Linux. Included with MinerBabe is KBminer, which allows the use in the mining of a GRIN video card with 4GB of memory. Separately from MinerBabe, we unfortunately did not find any mention of KBminer, so at the moment it’s need to install the specialized mining operating system for MinerBabe.

The commission for mining a GRIN coin is 3%. At the same time, KBminer does not offer the best hashrate compared to other miners, and for video cards with 4Gb of video memory, hashrate drops another 2 times.

Hashrate video cards for MinerBabe mining GRIN:


             Cuckaroo29                                            Cuckaroo31

AMD 380 4G 0.21
AMD 550 4G 0.28
AMD 560 4G 0.31
AMD 470 4G 0.67
AMD 570 4G 0.64
AMD 470D 4G 0.70
AMD 570 4G on ROCm 0.90
AMD 570 8G 1.30
AMD 570 8G on ROCm 1.50
AMD 480 8G 1.26
AMD 580 8G 1.32
AMD 580 8G on ROCm 1.54
AMD Vega64 8G 2.85
NVIDIA 1050Ti 4G 0.855
NVIDIA 1060 6G 1.95
NVIDIA 1070 8G 2.88
NVIDIA 1080 8G 3.10
NVIDIA 1070Ti 8G 3.24
NVIDIA 1080Ti 11G 5.1
AMD 570 8G 0.161
AMD 570 8G on ROCm 0.174
AMD 480 8G 0.210
AMD 580 8G 0.178
AMD 580 8G on ROCm 0.197
AMD Vega64 8G 0.410
NVIDIA 1070 8G 0.316
NVIDIA 1080 8G 0.339
NVIDIA 1070TI 8G 0.380
NVIDIA 1080Ti 11G 0.551
NVIDIA 2080 8G 0.69








Considering the constantly falling cost of GRIN cryptocurrency, there’s no point in switching from Etehreum mining with the popular RX470 / 570 and RX480 / 580 video cards from 4GB to mining GRIN right now, since the profitability of such mining is already lower than on Ethereum.

UPD: With the Bminer update, mining Grin will increase the hashrate of GTX1050ti 4G video cards to 1.5GPS, but only for Linux (HiveOS, Beeminer and other OS)