T-REX 0.8.2 - added Dedal algorithm and improved performance on the X22i algorithm

dedal numus mining During the time when we last wrote about the multi-miner T-REX 0.8.0 for Nvidia video cards, two updates 0.8.1 and 0.8.2 have already been released. In the current version 0.8.2, support for the Dedal algorithm for mining NUMUS cryptocurrency has been added. For the X22i algorithm, for the last two versions, the performance of Nvidia video cards has grown significantly by more than 20%. T-REX 0.8.2 has got another useful feature - it is an automatic update, it is enabled via the monitoring page. For auto-updates to work, you need to use Watchdog with the auto-update flag enabled. T-REX is a closed source miner that supports 21 different mining algorithms. Windows and Linux versions are available for download on the Bitcointalk forum. Commission for using miner T-REX 1%.