NiceHash - Equihash 155.5, Grin Cuckaroo and Lyra2Ver3 algorithms are available.

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Nicehash is a popular service among miners who prefer to spend as little time as possible on setting mining rigs and finding the most profitable cryptocurrency for mining. All these problems takes on Nicehash for 5% of your mining income. This is realized by installing the Nicehash application and choosing available algorithms for mining in it. Over the past few days, NiceHash added 4 new algorithms to its application: Equihash 155.5, Lyra2Rev3, Cuckaroo29 and Cuckaroo31, which makes it possible to switch to mining in the automatic mode of the most profitable cryptocurrencies in this regard: BEAM, Vertcoin, GRIN.

Compared to Ethereum mining, the transition to new algorithms will give you additional income up to 2 times more, but with a small reservation on the not fully established work for Beam and GRIN, since Nicehash's built-in miners either do not offer maximum performance, or not all video card models are supported. Because of this, users have to search for such miners themselves, which in many ways loses the point of using such a service.

For mining Beam and Grin, we recommend using the following miners in conjunction with Nicehash or independently:


In any case, if you do not have time to search for new profitable cryptocurrencies, rig settings, then NiceHash service with mining support for Beam, Grin and Vertcoin will be a profitable solution.

For the Lyra2Rev3 algorithm (Vertcoin cryptocurrency), it is worth noting that NiceHash has no such problems.

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