Forging Metahash - a new kind of mining cryptocurrency

forging metahsh mining MHCIf the POW or POS mining cryptocurrency has long been used to and the questions arise only for beginners to understand the blockchain technology, then Forging is a fairly new phenomenon in the world of blockchain, which also allows you to extract cryptocurrency, but by completely different principles. Forging is a necessary element for the operation of the blockchain of the Metahash network, which in turn tries to implement the WEB 3.0 or Blockchain 4.0 technology to create a fully decentralized network.

 The main feature of Metahash is very fast transaction processing at up to 100,000 transactions per second. To achieve such an indicator, Metahash is based on a specially developed TraceChain technology, which requires a large, extensive network of computers (nodes) throughout the world.

In order for the Metahash network to actively grow and remain stable, developers have introduced payment for network support into the TraceChain technology; Mining consists of installing a special MetaGate application on your computer and maintaining it in working condition with Internet access.

To receive a reward for Forging, a MetaGate computer must be online at least 7 hours a day and have at least 100 MCH coins in its account.

50% of all Metahash coins or 4,600,000,000 MCH will be issued using the forging method, the distribution will be as follows:

Owners of at least 100MCH receive 10% or 70.840.000 MCH in the first year

Owners of 100,000 or more will receive 90% or 637.560.000 MCH for the first year

In addition, a fee will be added for operations with the MetaHash blockchain, plus additional income if you allow your computing resources to work with MetaApps.

Another difference from the usual POS is the accrual of awards at random.

In short, fordging you can get a cryptocurrency with a regular computer with Internet access if you have at least 100MCH on your account ($ 8 at the current rate).

You can buy Metahash tokens on the Bitforex exchange.

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