Pyrin (PYI) is a new fork of Kaspa. Review of the coin and setting up mining on a video card

Pyrin (PYI) is another fork of Kaspa, which uses the PyrinHash algorithm (implementation of Blake3) for PoW mining with instant confirmation of transactions, the average time of finding a block is 1 second. The project is designed to create a scalable and decentralized platform for smart contracts and is based on the GhostDAG platform. According to the developer, GhostDag is an innovative consensus protocol that has the potential to revolutionize blockchain technology. Offers an efficient and scalable solution for decentralized networks. Thanks to its directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure, GhostDAG provides near-instant transaction confirmation, which greatly improves network security, scalability, and throughput.

Basic data on the coin

  • PyrinHash mining algorithm (Blake3).
  • The average time to find a block is 1 second.
  • The block reward is 17 PYI coins.
  • The maximum number of coins is 1 billion PYI.
  • Reducing coin emission: reducing the block reward by 2 times throughout the year with a smooth monthly reduction. The first reduction will take place on December 23, 2023.
  • Resistance to mining on ASIC miners. Balanced distribution of coins and increased decentralization.
  • When combined with the Blake3 mining algorithm, blocks can be created in parallel, coexisting and ordered by consensus to form a BlockDAG instead of a linear chain.
  • The transaction is efficiently processed and verified in less than 10 seconds.
  • The Pyrin network is protected from problems associated with the 51% attack, making centralized manipulation almost impossible.
  • Official website of Pyrin.
  • Blockchain explorer Pyrin.
  • Repository on Gihub.
  • Official telegram channel of the Pyrin project.
  • Link to project documentation.

Cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Pyrin

Perhaps the coin will soon appear on the Xeggex exchange, which specializes in adding new miner coins.

Creating a local wallet (installing a node)

If you do not want to mine on an exchange wallet, you can install a local node that works via the command line, to do this, download it from the Github repository of the Pyipad project.

After starting the node, wait until synchronization with the blockchain takes place. The node downloads data to the AppData/Local folder in Windows. To speed up the synchronization process, we recommend running the node with additional parameters:

Pyipad.exe --utxoindex -a -a -a

Then we launch the wallet through a new command line window.

pyrinwallet.exe start-daemon

After the wallet is connected to the node, further manipulations can be carried out.

  • Let's dump unencrypted data: pyrinwallet.exe dump-unencrypted-data
  • Create a wallet: pyrinwallet.exe create
  • Create an address for deposits: pyrinwallet.exe new-address
  • To view the address, enter: pyrinwallet.exe show-addresses
  • To check your wallet balance: pyrinwallet.exe balance

To send coins from your wallet, use the following command:

pyrinwallet send -t <WALLET ADDRESS WHERE WE SEND TO> --send-amount <NUMBER OF COINS TO SEND> pause

Unfortunately, there is no Pyrin wallet with a graphical interface yet, however, judging by the statements of the developers, a Web version of the wallet will be released in the near future. In any case, if you want to mine Pyryn and don’t want to bother with installing and configuring a local node, use the deposit address created on the exchange (for example, on NonKYC).

Mining pools for Pyrin (PYI) mining

PYI to mining calculator

Mining Pyrin on Windows.

The developers have released their own miner, PyrinMiner, but new versions of lolMiner and Rigel have already been released with support for the PyrinHash algorithm and an increased hashrate, and we recommend using them.

Examples of .BAT files for running Pyrin mining on various pools for lolMiner:

lolMiner.exe -a PYRIN -p ssl:// -u <WALLET ADDRESS>.<WORKER> --apiport 4444

lolMiner.exe -a PYRIN -p -u <WALLET ADDRESS>.<WORKER> --apiport 4444

lolMiner.exe -a PYRIN -p -u <WALLET ADDRESS>.<WORKER> --apiport 4444

lolMiner.exe -a PYRIN -p -u <WALLET ADDRESS>.<WORKER> --apiport 4444

lolMiner.exe -a PYRIN -p -u <WALLET ADDRESS>.<WORKER> --apiport 4444

Examples of .BAT files for running Pyrin mining on various pools for Rigel:

rigel.exe -a pyrinhash -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET ADDRESS> -w <WORKER> --no-tui --api-bind

rigel.exe -a pyrinhash -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET ADDRESS> -w <WORKER> --no-tui --api-bind

rigel.exe -a pyrinhash -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET ADDRESS> -w <WORKER> --no-tui --api-bind

rigel.exe -a pyrinhash -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET ADDRESS> -w <WORKER> --no-tui --api-bind

rigel.exe -a pyrinhash -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET ADDRESS> -w <WORKER> --no-tui --api-bind

Don't forget to replace <WALLET ADDRESS> with your Pyrin deposit address that you created on the exchange or generated in the node and <WORKER> with the name of the worker of your choice.

Mining Pyrin under HiveOS.

To get started, log into your HiveOs account, or register if you don’t already have one. You can use our promo code CRYPTOAGE to receive free $10 to your account. Download the operating system image to a USB flash drive and burn it using the BalenaEtcher program. (if you don’t already have rigs with HiveOS installed).

Add a Pyrin (PYI) wallet. In our case, we generated an address for a deposit on the TradeOgre exchange.

Now create a new flight sheet. In our case, we used the HeroMiners pool and the lolMiner miner.

In addition, you can find the optimal overclocking settings for your video card on the website, for example, for the top-end RTX 4090 video card:

lolMiner: --coff 300 --cclk 2400 --mclk 810 --pl 400

rigel: --cclock 300 --lock-cclock 2400 --lock-mclock 810 --pl 400

Video card hashrates:


Current Pyrin (PYI) mining yield as of 12/16/2023 for Geforce RTX 4090.