AMD Memory Tweak Tool - changing the memory timings of AMD video cards at the same time as mining

As is well known, AMD video cards have gained great popularity in mining Ethereum due to the possibility of changing the BIOS of video cards and editing video memory delays. Changing the BIOS of video cards on the ETHash algorithm gives a  hashrate plus 30%, but if you change the BIOS, there is a fairly large chance of damaging the video card. And the process of changing the BIOS itself cannot be called a simple process. You need to be able to use three programs at once. But with the help of AMD Memory Tweak Tool you can change the memory timings of AMD video cards on the fly right during mining, which is very convenient for selecting the optimal settings.

If earlier to change the timings you need to perform a complex procedure:

  1. Download the BIOS program ATIFlash
  2. Edit BIOS with Polaris BIOS Editor
  3. Write BIOS to the video card
  4. Run ATIkmdag Patcher for correct operation of video cards with modified BIOS
  5. Run the miner and check the result.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5

Using the AMD Memory Tweak Tool, the process is simplified as much as possible:

  1. Run miner
  2. Edit timings in AMD Memory Tweak Tool without closing the miner
  3. Watch the result.

It sounds just great, because You can save a lot of time, but unfortunately AMD Memory Tweak Tool is available only for Linux.

Correction of memory timings is available on all AMD video cards with GDDR5, HBM And HBM2 video memory, i.e. for all AMD video cards over the past 5 years.

Download AMD Memory Tweak Tool utility on GitHub or on the Bitcointalk forum.


Commands for changing memory settings:

HBM2 Usage example

amdmemtool -i 0 --faw 12

GDDR5 Usage example

amdmemtool -i 1,2,4 --RFC 43 --ras2ras 176

Options HBM2

  • --i [comma-separated gpu indices]
  • --cl [value]
  • --ras [value]
  • --rcdrd [value]
  • --rcdwr [value]
  • --rc [value]
  • --rp [value]
  • --rrd [value]
  • --rtp [value]
  • --faw [value]
  • --rfc [value]
  • --wtrl [value]
  • --wr [value]
  • --ref [value]

Options GDDR5

  • --i [comma-separated gpu indices]
  • --cl [value]
  • --w2r [value]
  • --r2r [value]
  • --ccld [value]
  • --r2w [value]
  • --rcdw [value]
  • --rcdwa [value]
  • --rcdr [value]
  • --rcdra [value]
  • --rrd [value]
  • --rc [value]
  • --rfc [value]
  • --trp [value]
  • --fawl [value]
  • --actrd [value]
  • --actwr [value]
  • --rasmactrd [value]
  • --rasmacwtr [value]
  • --ras2ras [value]
  • --rp [value]
  • --wrplusrp [value]
  • --bus_turn [value]