CryptoDredge 0.20.2 - improved hashrate on algorithms Argon2d, MTP, X16

cryptodredge-0-20-2-argon2d-mtp-x16rIn the next miner update for Nvidia Cryptodredge 0.20.2 video cards, performance has been improved for MTP, Argon2d and all X16 variations (X16r, X16s, X16rt, X21s). In this case, an increase in the hashrate on the MTP algorithm will be noticed only by owners of Nvidia Turing video cards. In total, the miner supports 31 different mining algorithms, which makes it one of the most versatile solutions. The commission for using the software is 1%, except for the MTP algorithm, where the commission will be 2%. You can download the latest version of the miner on the Bitcointalk forum.