Lolminer 0.9.1 - improved performance of AMD video cards with 4Gb and 16Gb on the GRIN31 algorithm

The next lolminer 0.9.1 update improves the performance of AMD video cards with 16GB (RX580 16Gb, Vega 7, Vega FE) and 4Gb (RX570, RX580). Also added support for the new generation of RX5700 graphics cards. By updating the miner you can get the following hashrate: Radeon 7 - 1.7G/h, Vega FE - 1.3G/h, Vega64 - 1.15G/h, Vega56 - 1.05G/h, RX5700 - 0.85G/s, RX580 8Gb - 0.55G/h, RX580 4Gb - 0.43G/h. As before, the miner takes a commission of 1%, you can download it on GitHub.