NiceHash is preparing its own operating system for mining NiceHash OS

nicehash_os__linux_minerPopular mining service NiceHash has opened access to the beta version of its new platform, which is based on its own operating system called Nicehash OS. Like many similar projects, NiceHash OS is a Linux platform with built-in functionality for the mining facilities that are already available in NiceHash. In the beta version of the OS, only the TDP parameters and the frequencies of the GPU and memory are now available to control. In the future, it is planned to add more opportunities for customizing the mining of rigs using this operating system.

In addition to mining directly, Nicehash OS will allow the owner of mining facilities to easily rent them out to service users. Another interesting possibility stated is the cryptocurrency exchange built into the OS, which also greatly simplifies the life of miners who do not have enough time to monitor all of their video cards. Access to mining Riga on NiceHash OC can only be obtained via SSH or locally, the graphical or Web interface in the beta version is not yet available.

The development of Nicehash OS, in our opinion, is being conducted to curb competition from other specialized mining operating systems, such as Hive OS, and primarily among major miners. Because To run mining on such a specialized OS, costs are significantly lower due to the lack of the need to buy Windows and SSD to install it. Plus, specialized operating systems offer convenient functionality for monitoring and controlling equipment, which is why the major NiceHash miners in the current version are simply not interesting.

Instructions for NiceHash OS can be read on this link.