Sinovate - Suqa hardfork cryptocurrency with the new X25X algorithm

crypto-sinovate-sin-x25xAt the end of May 2109, the Suqa cryptocurrency changed its name to Sinovate. With hardfork came not only a new name, but also a new POW mining algorithm X25X to replace X21i and support for Masternode. Those. instead of the classic Suqa cryptocurrency POW, we got the POW + POS hybrid cryptocurrency Sinovate. There are 3 levels of master nodes, depending on the cost: 100.000SIN, 500.000SIN, 1.000.000SIN. It should be noted that during the creation of masternodes the spent SIN cryptocurrency is completely burned and removed from circulation. For the content of the master nodes, the developers promise at least 22% per annum, i.e. payback master node 4 years, without the possibility of withdrawal of the "deposit". Such a cardinal step from the transition from Suqa to Sinovate may renew the formerly lost interest of the crypto community in the project. Today, the interest in Sinovate cryptocurrency is high enough to talk in more detail about the POW element of this cryptocurrency, i.e. let's discuss Mining on the X25X algorithm.

The new X25X algorithm can offer a new Komodo security mechanism with deferred testing of dPOW. Also, protection against ASIC and FPGA is built into the X25X mechanism, i.e. as well as before hardforkom cryptocurrency is designed primarily for mining with the help of the GPU. Currently, support for the new X25X algorithm is already announced for several miners: T-REX (Nvidia) and Wild Rig Multi (AMD).

The currently available hashrate of video cards for the X25X algorithm:

  • R9 380x - 610KH/s
  • RX550 - 150KH/s
  • RX560 - 370KH/s
  • RX570 - 800KH/s
  • RX580 - 1000KH/s
  • RX590 - 1150KH/s
  • Vega 64 - 2300KH/s
  • GTX1060 - 820KH/s
  • GTX1070 - 1300KH/s
  • GTX1070ti - 1600KH/s
  • GTX1080 - 1800KH/s
  • GTX1080Ti - 2300KH/s


Independently calculate the profitability of mining on the Sinovate cryptocurrency video cards here

  Pinas for mining Sinovate remained the same as for Suqa. The largest of them are:


Exchange with Sinovate support with the highest trading volumes: