MiniZ 1.5s - increased hashrate for ZelHash, Beam2 and Zhash algorithms

miniz 15s mining beamhash2 zelhash ZhashMiniZ is notable for its good performance on Equihash algorithms of various modifications for Nvidia video cards. In the next update, MiniZ 1.5s can offer even better optimization for ZelHash, BeamHash2 and Zhash algorithms, which increases the hashrate of video cards on these algorithms up to 3%. In the current version, the developers removed the support for the Nvidia video cards of the Kepler generation (GTX680), which were released back in 2012 through the 28nm process and currently do not represent much value for cryptocurrency mining. You can download the latest version of the MiniZ miner on the official website. The commission for using the miner is 2%.