WildRig - the new universal miner with Wild Keccak algorithm

miner wildrig amd nvidia keccak With the gradual replacement of video cards with improved devices on Asiq chips, the developers of Linux software increasingly began to pay attention to new or not popular algorithms for which there are not yet asik miners. One of the long-existing, but unpopular algorithms can be called Wild Keccak, on which there are only two crypto currency Boolberry (BBR) and PURK. For this, the Algo developed a new miner for AMD and Nvidia video cards called WildRig. In the current version of 0.10.3 WildRig offers slightly higher performance for Nvidia graphics cards than other competing products. For AMD graphics cards, the WildRig hash is comparable to other miners supporting this algorithm. The software presented has a closed source code and takes a commission of 2% of your hashed. You can download the miner on the official thread of the Bitcointalk forum, where developers offer compiled versions of the miner for Windows, Linux and HiveOS.